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Data-Recovery .puters are machines, and as such, they have a life expectancy. However, the life of a .puter can be extended by performing maintenance tasks on a regular basis. On the flip side, the life expectancy of a .puter shortens considerably when proper maintenance is not carried out. Additionally, intentional and unintentional abuse or misuse of the .puter reduces the .puter"s lifespan. Prepare for a Crash: One of the first things a .puter user should do is prepare for a .puter crash. Because it is not so much a matter of if it will crash, but when it will crash, advance preparation is a key to protecting your data. Setting up an effective backup plan is vital to data protection. For example, this writer"s .puter backs up new or newly edited files to an online service every 15 minutes. .plete backups are made every night to a local, external drive as well. Should this .puter crash, .plete file recovery is ensured. Additionally, it is possible to make a bootable clone of your Mac"s main disk, often by using third-party software designed for cloning. A good backup plan that includes a clone helps ensure successful .puter data recovery when a drive crashes. Maintain Your Hard Drives: Several .puter maintenance tasks keep your drive running smoothly, extending the life of the drive. Proper drive maintenance is crucial on standard platter drives, and it reduces the effect of normal wear and tear on the drive. Here are some tasks to be performed: " Drive defragging "" When files are edited, they often outgrow their original storage space. Instead of moving the entire file to a new location, the .puter will fragment the file, placing the fragments in various locations. When the file is called up, the .puter must search and find all the related pieces. This causes unnecessary wear on the drive"s read/write heads. Defragging finds all the fragments and moves them into a contiguous location. " Relocation or deletion "" Unused files can either be relocated or deleted. Large media file, such as movies or pictures, take up a lot of space. If they are not necessary, the user can delete them. Alternatively, they can be archived on external media. This allows access to them if necessary, but it keeps them from taking up space on the hard drive. This can shorten seek times when opening files because it enhances the defragmentation process. " Careful handing "" If they wish to avoid trips to a data lab for emergency data recovery , .puter users need to handle their machines with care. Laptop .puters are particularly susceptible to abuse. Though often called notebooks, they are not three-ring binders, and they will suffer damage if tossed about. Dropping the laptop damages the delicate internal .ponents of a hard drive. Even though solid-state drives are sturdier, heat, electrical surges and other abuses can damage them as well. Will proper maintenance actually extend the life of your Mac? This writer has several .puters that are living well into their second decade. While not every .puter user will get those results, proper care can definitely extend the lifespan of most machines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: