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How to let the mother in childbirth not become the burden of Sohu – let the baby in the womb of mother and infant in normal position normal before delivery of the baby in the womb of the location should be upside down, for the mother, slightly tilted to the left a bit. This place is the most easy to let the baby down to the birth canal. Some babies can correct bad or otherwise, fetal fetal position is good method to guide straddling the chair, let the body lying on the back of the chair, or with hands, a climbing posture, every day to maintain 20 – 30 minutes, should exercise in a comfortable place, don’t waist. The best time to go to bed at the end of pregnancy lying on the left side. Accelerated delivery the correct breathing method can accelerate the delivery process to make the correct breathing methods, very simple sounds, but very useful, correct breathing methods can get enough oxygen to make uterine contractions, more effective. It is not the same as the way you breathe when you are born, you need to practice how to expand your chest. Late pregnancy almost every day to practice this. Participate in the childbirth training section of the hospital, and then let you associate with your practice every day. Let the movement for delivery service found obstetrician: activity and upright posture of standing, kneeling, sitting, have effect on the speed of delivery. Many activities can promote circulation, let more blood flow to the uterus, promote uterine contraction. The fetus because of gravity, the pressure on the cervix, accelerate the dilatation of the cervix, uterine more powerful. Most of the upright posture can make the pelvis expand more. Let the good mood to reduce pain if you’re stressed, will automatically hold the uterus oxygen blocked, increase the pain, reduce the efficiency of uterine contraction. If you are afraid, your body will secrete adrenal hormones, delay the delivery time. So it’s very important to relax and ease the pain and speed up the process. Relaxed breathing, relaxation method, imagination, if the home environment for you to relax, start after delivery should try to stay at home for a while, in late pregnancy, ask your obstetrician about childbirth process and matters needing attention, to go to the hospital in the delivery really into the key time, avoid premature admission caused by nervous. Choose the most suitable environment for you, the impact of childbirth is very large, only to relax to allow the smooth delivery. Once you have decided to go to the hospital delivery, to visit several hospitals during pregnancy, to talk to the doctor about the environment, choose one you love, you think the safest and most attentive care of the baby to the hospital. Choose the most suitable for your delivery plan in western countries, most women will develop a delivery plan, including the use of analgesic and in what way, mother to baby’s first hug before whether to give the baby a bath and so on. In thirty-sixth weeks of pregnancy to plan, start to prevent premature delivery, even if you don’t write it down, also want to think ahead and advance the delivery process, discuss with your obstetrician, this will be helpful to delivery, even with the plan, but also at any time according to the situation of changing the plan psychological preparation, the most important is to ensure the safety of the baby.相关的主题文章: