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How to receive free # cartoon stickers # raiders! Sohu recently super hot beauty camera # cartoon stickers # has swept across the social platform of small Yan eyesight and your buddies have said root! This! Stop! No Under the! Come! N there are many baby is not very clear the updated beauty camera how to play more 6! So, although not always surnamed Lei do good I give you a good tutorial??? Must first update to version 5.0.0 beauty camera click fourth lattice "Daitoutie" function can experience # cartoon stickers # fotocall button will bring children into such as click "interface immediately began to play" two dimensional change tour ~ slide left and right to choose their own love template, click the upper right corner of the next step into the self timer or import photos to choose their own love of the photos and the effect on the makeup effect diagram above click slide bar can adjust the effect of the depth of a total of 8 kinds of super adorable effect. A template can be imported 2 different photos oh! Would be! The custom of the baby will be generated on the big stick! Click on the circle of friends to share the platform, invite your friends to experience can immediately enjoy free print # cartoon stickers # welfare free home yo ~ clicking on saving and sharing, can be stored a sticker to the album! PS: single big babies paste in the production process will be automatically saved to the album, so don’t worry Oh ~ unlock after the success of fotocall entrance into the interface to click on the upper right corner to receive the bulk of Post Bar "fill in your contact address and wait for your exclusive custom emoticons to come! Super Tip why my big stick only 2 effect? A: when children experience fotocall, be sure to check whether the mobile phone is in the network state of mobile phone Oh ~ in the normal state of things, there are a total of 8 stickers will effect yo ~ why my stickers only 2 template? A: because the baby’s enthusiastic support, Xiao Yan has let GG technology in rushed template more cute soon, on the line, please wait for a moment under the children again! Is it really true to print the stickers for free? Need freight? A: for the first time free printing, free of charge to the home Oh baby just need to invite friends to help unlock the experience, you can enjoy the free printing function yo! PS: this benefit is limited, first come first served. How can I be sure I can get a free sticker? A: the baby in the beauty of the camera snaps the upper right corner of the "fast to receive the bulk of Post Bar, can inquire into their fotocall schedule oh! How can I make sure that my post has been posted? A: each baby’s big head posted, fill in the order of the phone number will receive notification of shipment. As a result of the participation of the baby is very much, so please be patient baby oh ~ but also to thank the children’s enthusiasm to support, in the receipt of the big stick, do not forget to shine on the sun to see the small Yan oh! Finally, if the treasure!相关的主题文章: