Hubei, a cadre of poverty log fraud 47 days in the village to stay in the sky for 117 days – Sohu ne googims

Hubei, a cadre of poverty: 117 days – log fraud for 47 heaven in the village newspaper Sohu news November 17th, sponsored by the Hubei Enshi Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, the State Council Office of the Enshi TV politics, 12 local state accountability unit. The scene in politics, the organizers played "poverty alleviation work log collar allowance" practise fraud false bills "lag to resettle centralized resettlement point" "" self timber "to" timber "stolen" logs transported out of the country "no refund" housing deposit "" 12 short films, directed at the problem of accurate poverty alleviation ineffective and the financial supervision is not strict, the cadre style is not real. Among them, the office of the director of the Agricultural Bureau of Badong county Huang served in the Yanduhe town Xikou village first Secretary of the village during the 5 to fill in the work log, its contents are precise poverty. But the inspectors group survey found that Huang Xikou village in order to cope with the examination, in the actual working time is only 47 days, report the log display is 117 days, 70 days to fill empty. In addition, Hwang also false invoices for accommodation, receive subsidies. Enshi Agricultural Bureau to be accountability, the bureau deputy director Du Fangping said that Badong will supervise the implementation of the rectification, replicability, comprehensive performance of their duties, strengthen the education and management of cadres team in agricultural system. From 2008 to 2015, Lichuan City Road Town Village Village Branch Secretary Kim Kan liaomou for deceased villagers Li Yunan 6 acres of land in the national food subsidies, seed subsidies and agricultural subsidies, local finance has not been found until this year, big data comparison, liaomou impersonator thing is exposed. After the four Lichuan City Mission town pond village branch secretary Ding was found, do false under false pretenses, ultimately did not succeed, 4000 yuan of agricultural subsidies was recovered. In this regard, the Enshi Municipal Finance Bureau party secretary, Secretary Huang Min said, can not let Huimin funds into the Tang Seng meat, the next step will be used as a breakthrough point to find the problem, strengthen policy advocacy, strict law enforcement. In August 2016, Enshi Jianshi County town of 8 remote poverty relocation resettlement point started, but it was not until October 12th, only two settlements in land leveling, to resettle lags behind other towns. The Li River Xuanen County Dongping concentrated settlements and Dongping settlements, has entered a substantive stage of construction. Dai Qingtang, director of the State Development and Reform Commission, said Enshi will coordinate the land, housing construction, finance and other departments to start as soon as possible. In addition, due to the staff not to fulfill their responsibilities, the log was smuggled out smoothly, "when the housing deposit did not return in time, a few schools to implement the responsibility of" tricks ", vehicle exhaust environmental testing fraud, tax people waiting for a long time and so on, the Enshi public resources trading supervision and Management Bureau, Enshi Forestry Bureau, Enshi the State Department of transportation, Enshi Education Bureau, Enshi Quality Supervision Bureau, Enshi state tax bureau and other units are accountable.相关的主题文章: