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Science With the prices of gasoline on the rise, and the amount of fossil fuels consumed by the United States, coupled with the effect green house gases are having on our environment, it comes as no surprise that alternative fuels in the automotive industry are being researched. We hear politicians talk about our fuel alternatives and mention electricity as a real possibility for the automotive industry. We hear things like senator McCain offering enormous amounts of incentive monies to help develop a battery that would help,Jump Start the Electric Car Industry. It is very important that we, The american people, devote a substantial amount of time considering all our alternatives. During this time of research and the real efforts of many to make the difficult transition away from Fossil Fuels to alternative fuel sources, that we take into consideration all ramifications of each possible alternative fuel we have at our disposal. Electric cars are a real possibility, as long as politicians and big money push for this,clean technology. In reality, one must consider the number of existing automobile owners that do not have the financial means to buy new electric automobiles. There are literally millions of automobiles on U.S. roads at the present, none of which would reap any benefits from a change to electricity. What would be done to help these motorists? What would be done with millions of gasoline burning vehicles? As Americans, we like to think that we are capable of recycling most everything within reason. But, in a perfect world, if every U.S. citizen was able to make the switch to electric cars, we would have one very large amount of scrap iron to deal with and while we are on the subject of waste and recycling. What impact would electric cars have on our environment? Electric cars take batteries. Not just any kind of batteries, but highly developed lithium ion batteries. Batteries are inherently wasteful due to the fact they inevitably die, or lose their ability to store energy. Will these toxic batteries be the next mountains in our waste dumps? Hydrogen on the other hand, is a viable alternative to fossil fuel for our vehicles. And, for the millions of vehicles on the U.S. roads at present, could be outfitted to make and use hydrogen gas as fuel. There is even some use of hydrogen in conjunction with natural gas to fuel commercial vehicles such as buses and cargo trucks at present. This is a proven, clean, green technology. Hydrogen, being the most abundant element on Earth as well as in our universe should be highly considered as a fossil fuel alternative. Outfitting vehicles with hydrogen producing fuel cells the produce hydrogen onboard the vehicle, to be burned in their combustion engines, not only reduces green house gas emissions but would ease our dependence of fossil fuels with very little waste. This, in the view of Hydrogen Operated, makes perfect sense. As the world watches America as an example and eventually follows our lead, we could make the transition to hydrogen, and every American citizen would be able to easily afford the small conversion needed to enjoy the immediate benefits of hydrogen power. By not only producing automobiles that both burn hydrogen or in the case of Hondas new car, the Clarity, convert hydrogen into electricity to be used with electric motors, we can keep many of the present day automobiles on the road and out of the scrap yards. When choosing the next fuel source, Hydrogen operated says,that we must take the long term use and impact to our environment into consideration.Government, both state and federal, must take steps to encourage the use of hydrogen. States must allow alteration or elimination to existing vehicles pollution or smog control devices as to allow motorist full capability to utilize hydrogen as a fuel. As long as the vehicle passes the pollution test levels imposed by the state and federal governments, their wasteful, unneeded smog and fuel management systems must go. The States need to encourage all alternative fuel endeavors, not just those few that our wasteful automotive industry supplies us. A company in Arizona, has an inexpensive, Supplemental hydrogen fuel system that can be added to virtually any vehicle in America. The high output fuel cell provides more than enough hydrogen that can be utilized in our automobiles as they are currently configured. With just a very small engine conversion, one would experience 30% increase in mileage guaranteed.This is just the beginning, states Hydrogen Operated Founder, Todd M. Ash.When the majority of automobiles make the conversion, we will see our green house emission fall sharply. Couple this with other nations following suite and we could see a real significant change in our global warming problem. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: