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Health The following is a hydroponics and grow lights primer covering the basics of the systems and methods .monly used for growing plants using hydroponics based systems. Our hope is to give you enough information to get you started with evaluating the different systems and with choosing the right one for you. Hydroponic systems include: Nutrient Film Technique (NFT); Drip (or Top) Watering; Aeroponic; Cloning; and Ebb & Flow (flood & drain) methods. Basically, all systems feature a reservoir and some type of container for the plant(s) to grow in, such as pots, trays, etc. What differentiates them is how the nutrient solution is delivered to the roots. Media-based systems use some form of growing media or plant nutrients, which provide support for the roots. There is a greater selection of media-based systems to choose from to ac.modate diverse plants and plant sizes. Water culture systems can be used either with or without grow media. These systems, however, require regular attention since growth rates are high. Abundant and good-quality fresh water and electricity must be readily available. Also, rapidly growing plants need to be maintained. Vines require trellising and fruit and flowers must be harvested in a timely manner. Some popular water culture systems are raft nutrient film technique and aeroponics. There are three primary grow lights choices; Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and Fluorescent. Fluorescent grow lights gives off low heat, lower light output and is primarily used to start seedlings and cuttings. New T5 and T8 high output systems are now available that produce enough lumens to grow various plants to maturity. Metal Halide grow lights are green/blue/violet-oriented in the spectrum depending upon the Kelvin temperature, and is the best light when natural light is not available and particularly during the vegetative growth stages. High Pressure Sodium grow lights are red/orange-oriented in the spectrum and the superlative lamp for secondary or supplemental lighting and promotes budding, flowering and fruiting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: