I gave my youth to beyond but I grew up with Paul Wong melia kreiling

I gave my youth to the growth of Tencent to Paul Wong BEYOND entertainment as someone once said, everyone must have at least one idol, then experience when a small fan, feeling even you couldn’t control the crazy, in addition to try to make a do not know can affect your people into life, but also to learn how to love is not a blood relationship with the people you. The best time of youth, that is, but also to encounter such a move to make you inexplicable, and then grow together idols. I gave my youth to BEYOND, but I grew up with Paul Wong. Youth is full of memories, BEYOND song, everyone is looking forward to as boundless as the sea and sky, peace in the world, but the harsh reality makes the youth can not go back, then must grow up… Still remember the first time I saw him appear in front of me, like a dream, fall into a time tunnel, the screen, the clippings he brought me, familiar with him, but it is a strange feeling. When a long-awaited dream was realized when the moment I was back, even retreated behind a pillar, but he saw me and give a warm and sincere smile, say hello, tell me: Hey hey! I saw you。 Familiar with him, a more brilliant smile, remove the aura of being sought after, so that he is closer to my life, so warm, since then, he was like a big brother to encourage and lead me toward the direction of growth. I gave my youth to the growth of BEYOND for Paul Wong I gave my youth to the BEYOND, began to learn to think in the society is more mature than their friends; I have been learning a lot of growth for Paul Wong, I don’t want to do in the past: because of him, I began to embrace the "dream"; because of him, I began to the burning of the "enthusiasm"; because of him, I began to understand the "courage"; because of him, I began to understand the "thinking"; because of him, I began to understand through all the obstacles, only once again came to him in front of the stage, so the first time I strive to pursue the dream of freedom, alone for the first time to go abroad, the first understanding from different countries and regions of the fans, the first time feel the music of all human languages, has gone beyond the first live rock feel forgotten all the disputes… If you want to use one word to describe Paul Wong, I would choose the "wisdom", because he gives me, has gone beyond the music notes, has gone beyond the rock in the belief that more is thinking tend to live and grow. Idol, is not law-abiding example, can also be a kind of thinking; idol, not necessarily is placed in the stage of the fan, can also be a sincere. Once he said: "if you think I’m not good, you can leave," until my music once again touched you. Maybe I didn’t try to leave, but every time I went outside, I came back… Because I found that my life is too lack of the sound, not only the rough vocal cords, or constantly knock on my mind to the world. Paul Wong (Paul) on the music in my mind, Paul brother form of music is a hierarchical, so there are a lot of work is not the first time you will understand, even have significance in resuscitation to understand them after. When you fall in love with this form相关的主题文章: