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In 2017 a total of 27 thousand people admitted to recruiting the audit investigation files – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Jie Li) yesterday, the Ministry of human social security, the National Civil Service Bureau issued 2017 annual central organs and institutions directly under the civil service examination notice. Notice clearly, from 15 countries Zhaolu test registration start. The number of recruiting continued high, reached 27061, and reached a historical peak last year. At the same time, the police position will be the test of professional courses. The recruiting a total of more than and 120 institutions directly under the central organs and units and the management of the civil service law in total, recruiting 27061 people, providing 15589 jobs. The central authorities Zhaolu 1537 people, accounting for 6% of the total number; county (District) level and below planned recruiting 21268 people, accounting for 79% of the total number of civil servants, the proportion of recruiting a gradual growth trend. At the same time, the recruitment of 77.5% Posts no restrictions on work experience, it also let the graduates apply for civil service enthusiasm rising. It is reported that the recruiting mainly adopts the way of network application, the registration time for October 15th to 24, the public subject written examination is scheduled for November 27, 2016. Candidates can log on to the central authority and its agencies directly under the 2017 annual civil service recruitment website (National Civil Service Bureau official predicted that this year’s enrollment will be high. According to statistics, in 2014, 1 million 520 thousand people passed the national examination registration, a record high, the final 990 thousand people into the examination room, in 2015, the 1 million 390 thousand people through the audit, the final 929 thousand people into the examination room. It is worth mentioning that the revised "criminal law" will be included in the crime of cheating the civil service exam, the newly revised "civil service recruitment examination discipline violations approach" was implemented in October 1st, so this test is known as the most stringent national test". In addition to the cheating behavior such as "zero tolerance", for the first time that will review the inspection object files, including age, seniority, education, work experience, party standing, strict customs integrity. The recruitment of core in remote areas to reduce the academic requirements for remote areas difficult central organs directly under the institutions of county (District) level below the position, as the case alone or integrated by decreasing the degree requirements, to relax the restrictions, does not limit the professional work experience and experience, individual designated pen test qualified marks and other measures to reduce barriers to entry, at the same time, to allow the institutions directly under the central authority with a certain number of county (District) level for the following positions of the city or county of residence or life, long-term work in the local personnel recruitment, the implementation of the new civil servants employed a minimum service life and other measures, stable grassroots civil service in remote areas difficult. According to reports, in remote areas difficult position in the setting of academic requirements, the lowest low to high school, technical secondary school, while other areas were in college education as a starting point; candidates for work experience and work experience are not strictly set separately; pass the written test scores delineated. Focus on the expansion of college student village official announcement clearly, this year, the central authority directly under the agency city (ground) level of the following positions, in principle, about 15% of the arrangements for the purpose of the program specifically directed Li相关的主题文章: