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UnCategorized Twitter is a new phenomenon that appeared out of nowhere taking the top internet page ranking spots very quickly. It is ranked as a top one hundred site in just a short period of time. Talking about a traffic builder, there are millions and millions of people, unique visitors, by the way that are flocking to twitter to see what the hype is about. Not only that they are signing it up using it as their fun, new .munication tool to address their needs. Let’s look to see why there’s so much Twitter traffic and what these users are doing. Twitter is popular in many, many countries. With coverage like this, you can’t miss having tons of traffic. Anyone with a .puter can join this new craze. The popularity of instant messaging and text messaging surely had something to do with the idea of introducing Twitter. People love quick .munication about most any topic. The beauty of Twitter is you can go outside of your circle of friends and find more with similar interests and send short, to the point messaging. That’s what makes up the growth in traffic. People from all walks of like, parents, industry employees who want to share their opinions, state interesting facts, or just shoot the breeze are signing up. All age groups up to forty five years old are getting in on all of the buzz. They are addicted to this form of .munication. Businesses and individual entrepreneurs are finding ways and using tools to attract this massive audience to indiscreetly promote their products and services. Twitter traffic can benefit in a variety of ways. One of the most favorite is to get up to the minute news from anywhere in the country. Additionally, you have the opportunity to sound off and state your opinions about virtually any topic you desire. Twitter traffic includes those who are using it for personal use. Those that have created their own network of friends to share what they are cooking tonight, or that their child one a contest, or they had a new baby. The list could go on and on. Others find it easier to keep up with colleagues and old classmates they almost lost touch with. They use it for anniversary announcements, to talk about vacations, ask questions about cars they are trying to make a decision about buying and all sorts of things. Businesses use it for a variety of reasons. Some actually post a job message to capture new employees. Most are trying to attract new customers. This is also used to solicit a variety of feedback on certain products, newsletters and a host of other reasons to get people interested in what they have to sell or say. Driving twitter traffic is easy with the mass market of people using the site. There is a lot of diversity, people that are looking for any and everything related to events, special coverage like elections, and just general interest information can be found in this wonderful new .munity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: