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"It is the official boot" R-rated movies lock next fall – Sohu "it" entertainment will be landing in North American Theaters on September 8, 2017 (the entertainment Sohu Da son) taken by the American film company Warner investment horror film "it" (IT) is in late June of this year released the first piece of male leading role makeup, but until now the movie was officially entered into a real stage. According to Warner’s plan, the film will be shot into two films, the first will be in the fall of next year, and then whether or not to shoot the film depends on the response and the box office to decide. The young actor Bill – Skarsgard (Bill Skarsgå RD) played by actor "penny wise", is a very potent new shiver all over though not cold, the other clown and years ago, TV version is very similar, but from the women’s point of view, the role of the state will become strange audience beyond imagination. The famous horror novelist Stephen Kim published in 1958 horror fiction "it", was in 1990 by the ABC into a television series, the frightened many children and parents. The novel tells the story of a group of living in a "loser club" children encounter a clown of bad things "penny wise abuse story. The novel was once again on the big screen, by Roy Lee as producer. "It" cast is a child, but it is not a PG-13 movie, but an R-rated film, the film will not taboo to show abuse scenes and "devastating injuries", which is bound to make a lot of fans on pins and needles, but Stephen’s novels from the gold only because full such special elements have been particularly favor the audience. She also played "differences" and "popular drama series" hemlock grove youth actor Bill Skarsgard, has become the focus of the film. Skarsgard was born in 1990 a small meat, but from performing family of him, but did not show sentimental feeling, he is also a tough competition in talent shows itself for the. Who filmed horror film "mother" the invasion of Spanish director Anders muth cetti, served as the director of the film. This is also the second Anders English dialogue movies, horror movies in the field can be quite experienced. "It" will be landing in North American Theaters on September 8, 2017.相关的主题文章: