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Japan will hold the "Takeshima day" memorial ceremony or re cited Han people protest against the original title: Japan will hold a memorial ceremony for "Takeshima day" or re cited South Korean public outcry [global network Roundup] according to Japan’s Jiji Press reported in February 22nd 22, the Japanese "Takeshima day" (South Korea called Dokdo), will be held Takeshima day "in Songjiang city of Shimane Prefecture day memorial ceremony. It is reported that Sakai Yo, the cabinet minister, will attend the ceremony for fourth consecutive years as a representative of the Japanese government. Reported that since 2013, the Japanese government for 4 consecutive years to attend the "Takeshima day" memorial ceremony, presumably will again lead the South Korean government protest. This year is the eleventh anniversary ceremony, members of Congress and is expected to have a total of 500 people participated in the county. At the ceremony, in addition to Sakai Yong Shimane, governor Mizoguchi Shants and partisan "to defend Japanese territory and action members alliance President Shinto Yoshiko will also address. In addition, the ceremony also arranged a speech of people of insight. According to reports, prior to the ceremony, will be held for the first time on the issue of national exchange takeshima". The exchange will be hosted by members of the County Council, official members of Congress and the Shimane Oki Island town territory at the meeting on the will exchange opinions. March 2005, Shimane prefectural assembly passed in February 22nd of each year as "Takeshima day" ordinance. The Japanese government from 2005 onwards in the defense white paper "has been claimed sovereignty over Dokdo, South Korea deeply regret. Japan’s "Takeshima day" activities has enraged the South Koreans, strongly opposed by the South Korean government and the public. (internship compilation: Deng Qi reviewer: Ma Li) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

日本将办“竹岛日”纪念典礼 或再引韩民众抗议   原标题:日本将举办“竹岛日”纪念典礼 或再引韩国民众强烈抗议   【环球网综合报道】据日本时事通信社2月22日报道,22日是日本“竹岛日”(韩国称独岛),岛根县当日将在松江市内举办“竹岛日”纪念典礼。据悉,内阁府政务官酒井庸行将作为日本政府代表连续第4年出席典礼。   报道称,自2013年起,日本政务官连续4年出席“竹岛日”纪念典礼,想必会再次引发韩国政府的抗议。今年是第11届纪念典礼,预计有国会议员及县民共计500人参加。   在典礼上除了酒井庸行之外,岛根县知事沟口善兵卫以及超党派“为保卫日本领土而行动的议员联盟”会长新藤义孝也将致辞。另外,典礼上还安排了有识之士的演讲。   据报道,在典礼之前,还将首次召开“关于竹岛问题的国民交流会”。该交流会由县议会议员主办,在会议上领土议连的国会议员及岛根县隐岐岛町的相关人士将进行意见交换。   2005年3月,日本岛根县议会通过了将每年2月22日定为“竹岛日”的条例。日本政府从2005年起在《防卫白皮书》中一直主张独岛主权,韩方对此深感遗憾。日本举办的“竹岛日”相关活动多次激怒韩国,遭到韩国政府及民众的强烈反对。(实习编译:邓琪 审稿:马丽) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: