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Jingdong: Tmall supermarket propaganda will become super absolute first – home appliance — people.com.cn original title: Jingdong: Tmall supermarket propaganda will become super absolute first Jingdong before the supermarket for hundreds of FMCG enterprises said, will continue to increase the brand, consumers, imports of goods and supply chain investment, and strive to not to three years to become free online and offline business Chinese sales field of ultra absolute first, market share and consumers satisfaction first. Jingdong user Positive enjoyment consumption upgrade from the Jingdong information Jingdong, supermarket since its inception, has been introduced, including Pampers, Lego and other Rothschild thousands of well-known brands, currently has become the largest retailer of Chinese allegedly milk, diapers, milk and imported liquor line, and in the men’s skin care, oil and water drink category became the first online sales. Jingdong mall consumer products division president Feng Yi told reporters that the Jingdong supermarket user groups mainly for home users and middle class people, the female users accounted for more than 70%, after the user is already showing the family shopping features mature. In the supermarket on Jingdong, non necessities sales growth more than necessary, which shows that consumers began to enjoy the consumption upgrade. Jingdong supermarket users from the previous 3C, home appliances category to the supermarket has changed the mode of penetration, online supermarket category itself began to attract new users. Food and beverage, cleaning, maternal and child care is the most popular category." Study on consumer behavior for these users and the trend, Feng Yi said in the next period of time, Chinese network supermarket will present the "quality" and "personalized" and "packaging" and "experience" and "social" five major trends, and the line in the supermarket category, brand, consumer segmentation and the shopping way will appear segment and obvious differences. According to the three upgrade correspondingly, Feng Yi said, the Jingdong will complete three supermarket brands, upgrading the quality and experience of this year, big data, fully open to the brand of the Jingdong logistics and marketing ability, and will work with WAL-MART and Yonghui Shop No. 1, and other strategic partners together to create a FMCG retail environment system linkage online and offline. It is reported that the Jingdong supermarket will be the "positioning boutique supermarket" new appearance, the goods will achieve 100% selected goods, preferential and Jingdong distribution, in order to create online supermarket the highest standards of product quality and customer experience. Feng Yi believes that a large number of supermarket category SKU, production batch, storage are different. In particular, related to the daily food and other related to the physical and mental health of consumers category, self mode to ensure quality control and timely response to service. The second half of the year, Jingdong and supermarkets will include the United States constellation, Han Guokai the lion, South Korea WHOO and many other international brands business cooperation, accelerate the introduction of imported goods, and quantity of import commodities within a year to 3 times the current. By then, its imports will focus on beauty, mother, food, drinks, personal care, pets and other categories. Feng Yi said that the goal of Jingdong supermarket is a lot of brands and partners together, in the effort in less than three years, to become online,相关的主题文章: