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An KIA K5 installed EDDY short spring case – Sohu KIA K5 car body lines design movement, give a person with vigor and vitality, appearance and style of the overall bias in sports, but the price is quite competitive. Therefore, this car has also been a lot of young consumers love, only the original models of the training part will make the pursuit of the owners dissatisfied, such as shock absorber can through the short spring with further optimization. K5 is ready to install EDDY before installing K5 EDDY short short spring spring is completely according to the original design data of shock suction force shock absorbing tube and into, so there is no need to worry after the installation of the original shock absorption tube appears shorter life side effect. Never use strong SAE9254V fatigue of metal material, 200kgf mm has powerful Le degree, and will not appear the phenomenon of metal fatigue (metal fatigue can catapult pressure, body height will be compared to new low). Can reduce the body 30mm, metal fatigue resistance, provides the best comfort and driving pleasure. K5 (EDDY short spring, 4) before installing K5 (front 4) before installing K5 (front wheel 2 and a half) use a special tool for the removal of the original car spring the original car spring and EDDY short spring contrast to install EDDY short spring mounted EDDY short spring using special tool using special tool after installing EDDY short spring loading effect on the map after the loading effect (front two and a half) after loading effect (the rear wheel and a half) in fact, the short spring facelift is the best choice as the entry of many owners, in addition to the price cheap, for the manipulation of lifting and body appearance has reduced the immediate effect; in addition, want to choose a twist in one step if a tooth shock, but the lack of a process of gradually promoting the feelings of the car, which is modified To enjoy the process, don’t you?. More information can be concerned about changing the network WeChat public account gtuucom相关的主题文章: