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The child, if someone hit you, thank the author – Sohu Kehui Kay maternal uncle said kaishushuo three years ago, I had a peep in the fence outside their outdoor activities. A boy did not know what the reasons for the kick kick sister. I did not expect, when the sister rushed forward to push the boy a fart pier. I was a happy, this girl was calm. Then I told her, "dad thought you did a good job today. When you know someone is bullying you, let him know that you are angry and let him stop hurting you. It would be better to warn the boy today if you fight back." "Dad, after that, they hit me again, I would also like to push?" "Well…… To see if he’s too strong. If you think he’s a lot better than you, dad thinks you should get away from him, or ask the teacher for help. After all, he hit you, you push his purpose is not to hurt him, but let him stop hurting you. This is the same as running away, looking for a teacher." Today’s article is very interesting, you can see. After reading, I also want to listen to your opinion. The child beaten, how would you do? See you in the message. There was a topic in the educational world: "if your child is hit by another child, what will you do with your child?" A lot of debate, the deepest impression is the four point: Once upon a time, I have always maintained a certain distance to the subject. Because many years ago, I have no children, the focus of life, is a person’s growth. I would not have thought, after many years, when I met the child was beaten, the child’s own reaction, it would appear so tolerant and understanding. A few days ago, and her daughter went to the amusement park to play. The weekend’s playground like a huge bathhouse, everyone is selfish, seems not to have what intersection. Daughter likes to go to the playground, three years old, more than a child, it seems always feel their own small world. Suddenly, a boy rushed in and took my daughter’s toys, and mercilessly hit her face with hands. Why do I think this is hard, because her daughter’s face suddenly left in the past. My daughter didn’t cry, she was more determined and direct than I was. She reached out and hit the little boy and hit the boy’s arm. The boy began to cry, my daughter and I stood in situ. My daughter will be timid, and constantly to me. But she knew that I would never criticize her and make mistakes and take responsibility. Rolling on the boy lying on the ground. My daughter and I stood on the side. This is the first time I’ve seen a child like this. I have always felt that every child’s appearance, is the upbringing of the original family. That kind of deep imprint, is also can not escape escape. His mother ran over and hugged his son and said, "did your sister beat you?". That scene, I felt like I was watching a TV play. Naturally, the boy forgot to reach out and hit my daughter". His mother looked sideways相关的主题文章: