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Jewelry-Diamonds The Princess of Wales never fails to impress the public with her impeccable sense of fashion and style. Her mere presence connotes royalty from head to toe. Adding the glamor more is her famous jewelries worn during state visits. Princess Di had flair of birthstone necklaces particularly sapphire and the pearl as both was always present in her jewelry ensemble. Her jewelry collection was one of the most impressive in the world (some estimates put its value at over $27 million). Princess Di loved wearing jewelry, and she wore it with a modern sense of style. One example is the Saudi Arabian Diamonds and Sapphire Suite. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia gave it to the Diana as a wedding gift. The set includes a diamond tennis necklace matching earrings, matching ring, a bracelet and a watch. This was made by Asprey. While The Princess of Wales was in USA last 1985 for a state visit, she wore a diamond and sapphire tassel birthstone necklaces . What makes this particular jewelry piece more unf.ettable is that it was associated with John Travolta whom the Princess had danced with at the White House. Of course how could anyone the diamond and art-deco emerald birthstone necklaces ? This piece was a gift from the queen mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Inherited by The Queen from her grandmother Queen Mary in 1953, and give the piece to The Princess of Wales as a gift. As an alternative to a tiara, the Princess wore the choker as a bandeau, across her forehead, at a charity visit during her visit to Australia in 1983. Every woman regardless of her social status wants to be admired. Jewelries creates instant glamor, enhance femininity and grace. As a quoted by Sonja Henie, Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles as good as it gets, no wonder jewelries had became a staple fashion statement over the years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: