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UnCategorized Using links directories to build one way links to your website is the most effective way to get the kind of traffic that you want, if you know how to use them. Search engines don’t just check for keywords anymore. They look at the number, site ranking, and quality of the sites that have established a one way link to your website. That information is analyzed in a fraction of a second and the search engine then sorts and ranks your website along with others that have similar information. Link directories can help you to distinguish yourself from the pack and to boost your page ranking by increasing your link popularity. It’s pretty simple, really. Just like the winning candidate in an election is the one who gets the most votes, the website that gets the top spot on the search results will be the one who has the highest number of the equivalent of inter. votes – quality one-way links. If a site has linked to yours, it’s as if the webmaster is giving a vote of approval to your web page. If that webpage is part of a quality, high-ranking website, that gives the search engines confidence about your website and it will boost your search engine rankings. At the same time, if you only have one-way links from low-ranking websites, or if you have very few links in total, don’t expect that you’ll see your ratings rise significantly or at all, since those links won’t be as impressive to the search engines. Link directories, then, are an excellent way to go out and get your own ‘votes.’ A link directory is a website that contains catalogued lists of websites by category. Users pick a main topic or category, then navigate through sub-categories of information until they find the exact topic they are looking for. They then choose from the list of website links that the link directory provides. Link directory traffic could be more productive overall if you get enough of it. Why? Because a visitor who arrives from a one way link on a link directory has already sorted through the different categories and sub-categories of websites to get to the list of links where yours was found. So instead of just typing in ‘organic gardening’ and getting websites on a wide array of topics related to organic gardening, the visitor from a link directory has already determined the kind of information they want on organic gardening. Do they want instructions? Products? Historical information? Facts on benefits of organic foods? If they get to your site from a keyword search, there’s a chance you won’t have exactly what they want. But a quality, well-ranked and well-maintained link directory is more likely to deliver a higher percentage of targeted traffic to your website. This is another reason you want to choose your link directories carefully. Not all of them will sort and maintain their links as regularly as others. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of free link directories online. There are also pay link directories. If you pay a fee, your link may be ‘featured’in a category. But there might be dozens of featured sites, so it might not prove a benefit. Free one way links are so plentiful on the inter. that you really don’t need to pay for them unless you feel you simply must be featured on one or two particular link directories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: