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Listed companies to force large health industry insurance Department of sina finance: App A new force suddenly rises. live on-line bloggers to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Xinhua News Agency reporter He Xinrong recently released the report of listed companies, restructuring or overweight health industry has become the trend, especially the Department of insurance differentarmed outstanding, means "insurance + health may become the mainstream model in the future. At the end of August this year, the textile publication of the report, the first half of a loss of more than 20 million yuan, profit fell nearly 500%. However, since this year the Tianshan textile stock is still up nearly 20%, due to a major reorganization of assets to be injected into the Beijing Jialin pharmaceutical Tianshan textile approved by the SFC, the company will be renamed Dezhan health Limited by Share Ltd". In fact, in the Tianshan textile before, has been listed companies or overweight health industry. For example, Hubei Tongjitang pharmaceutical backdoor hops, Lianhuaweijing renamed lotus health, Wei Ning software renamed Wei Ning Jiankang. In addition, engaged in aquaculture, engaged in the leather industry manager of Haining City, have also announced the investment of health industry. In the big health industry listed companies, the insurance department is a prominent group. Has 7 insurance companies Fosun international, announced in July this year by Fosun Pharmaceutical, with no more than the acquisition of India grand pharmaceutical price of $1 billion 260 million, refresh record China pharmaceutical enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions. China is already the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market, there is still much room for growth in the health industry." Fosun international CEO Liang Xinjun told reporters. Good health, more than a star. Ping An, China’s mobile medical applications, a good doctor, the first half of this year to complete the $500 million A round of financing. China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has not only invested in China, such as big gene, but also with the signing of the Zibo Province, the first three hospitals in Shandong. In fact, insurance and pension health industry itself has a close relationship. First of all, from the investment point of view, the health industry is a very important allocation of insurance funds. Liang Xinjun believes that compared to funds, banks and other institutions, insurance funds more suitable for investment across the cycle. In the future, you can try to combine pension, health care and health insurance, that is, insurance, leasing, construction, equipment and other assets to hold the hospital, resulting in long-term, stable cash flow income." Secondly, from the international experience, commercial health insurance is an important part of the medical security system. A lot of high-end medical insurance is associated with third party medical network." AIA executive Zhang Xiaoyu Chinese chief said. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: