Lust in order to meet the fashionable family National Day travel! (video) bloxorz

"Lust" in order to meet the "fashionable family" National Day travel! Throughout the summer, almost forget there is a specialty called "haze empire"! Perhaps because of the summer climate, the weather is sunny and blue 80%, but will fall, "King haze" began to slowly wake up! So, while taking advantage of the haze before the next day, the National Day holiday to go to the eye to save a little bit of color bar! Morocco –Chefchaouen Xiao an throughout the summer before, almost forget there is a product called "imperial capital, haze"! Perhaps because of the summer climate, 80% of the weather is clear blue, but with the fall and winter season, the obvious sense of fog and haze began to slowly wake up! So, while the haze is still in the future, the National Day holiday to go to the eyes to save a little color! Italy – National Day holiday will come to Burano, but this year the number of holidays, presumably a lot of people began thinking about it on this tour. Whether domestic or foreign travel, basically are far away from the city, such as: seaside, mountain climbing, etc.. But today you seal to recommend to you some color is gorgeous, colorful city. This style is obvious, the color of the humanities color city, more romantic than the sea, more quiet and comfortable than the mountains, but also angry, put Buddha living in oil painting. Dongyu Zhou PK Zheng Shuang for the top pole leg 90 small artistes staged nirvana in Italy – Italy – Italy – blano blano Burano – Italy: Burano sometimes wondered what created such a unique and full of love for life place! And such people are so romantic, warm, comfortable, love life! Are all artists, so the United States is how to think of the color mix. Here you can not only according to their favorite color to choose the house, but also can not be heavy". Bruno is a small island in Italy under the jurisdiction of Venice under the handmade lace and embroidery products and other characteristics of art, so Bruno also known as the "island of lace". The residents here like to paint their houses colorful, and these colorful houses one by one to form a rainbow like alley, very beautiful. We live under high pressure, has been longing for the kind of "facing the sea, spring of life, although there is little sea vast magnificent, but the river of romance and calm, very suitable for relaxation.相关的主题文章: