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Man missing friends a major murder suspect headless homicide cases after 11 years was broken. Reporter Gao Zhiqiang Niu Jingfang intern correspondent Hou Huina core tips Shu 11 years ago, Neihuang County Public Security Bureau police brigade received a woman police said, her husband Lee had been missing for two days, suspected of being killed. 11 years later, with a more than 20 meters deep underground bones was dug up, the ring across time for 11 years without a head is Neihuang County police successfully cracked the murder. Recently, the reporter from the Neihuang County police learned that, at present, the police have according to the prosecution of criminal suspects arrest. The case against her husband disappeared, their friends have a major suspect in March 11, 2005, Neihuang County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade received a report of two Anxiang women, said her husband Lee yesterday from home and never came back, suspected of being killed. Neihuang County Public Security Bureau received a report immediately after the investigation. Police investigation found that the missing Li, when he was 33 years old, is a veterinarian, his own operation of a veterinary shop. In March 9, 2005, Li told his wife not to go home for two days after his veterinarian’s shop. His wife and family were looking for it everywhere, but they couldn’t find it. Police investigators followed Lee daily behavior track for a long time, but did not find any valuable clues. Where has Lee gone? Where are people? Why don’t you see people and die? Neihuang County Public Security Bureau after investigation, found Lee’s friend a single major suspects. A single, born in 1975, Lee small than 3 years old, Lee in a single home street outlet opened a veterinary store, business is good, usually a single Lee brother to match. In Lee after missing 3 days, a single police judge Lee also disappear without a trace, the disappearance of a single relation must find a single a pressing matter of the moment. According to the social relations of a single person, the police searched all the places where he might be hiding, but disappeared. Since then, the police in Shanxi, Guangdong, Hebei and other places to pursue, but they did not harvest. The detection of doubt and wife, friends will be killed after the fugitive charnel 11 years later, as a single from disappeared, everyone in that case hopeless, in August 28th this year, the Hebei police came the news: Online fugitives were captured in a single! Neihuang County police brigade received Hebei province Linzhang police phone, local police in a bus on the Internet fugitives seized a routine inspection by neihuang. Neihuang County Police Brigade police drove straight to the Linzhang County Detention Center, would hunt for suspects 11 years back to a single neihuang. In the face of the interrogation of the police, instead of questioning the police as an online fugitive, what evidence has proved that they are guilty?. However, with the interrogation step by step, the psychological defense began to collapse, and finally confessed the crime of homicide. According to a single statement, on suspicion of Lee and his wife. In desperation, Lee stabbed to death, and then dumped an abandoned old wells, and to be buried. According to the confession of a single, the police found the waste wells. Since the wells have been filled with waste, to bring great difficulties to mining work, after the professional coordination, continuous excavation of 3 days in more than 20 meters deep network

男子失踪朋友有重大杀人嫌疑 无头命案11年后被破□记者高志强实习生牛静芳通讯员侯会娜核心提示丨11年前,内黄县公安局刑警大队接到一名妇女报警称,其丈夫李某已经失踪两天,怀疑被杀害。11年后,随着一具深埋地下20多米的白骨被挖出,这起跨越时间年轮11年的无头命案被内黄县警方成功破获。近日,记者从内黄县警方获悉,目前,警方已经依法向检察机关对犯罪嫌疑人提请逮捕。案件丨丈夫无故失踪,其好友有重大嫌疑2005年3月11日,内黄县公安局刑警大队接到二安乡一名妇女的报案,称其丈夫李某前天从家里出来就再也没回来,怀疑是被人杀害了。内黄县公安局接到报案后迅速展开侦查。民警调查了解到,失踪者李某,时年33岁,是一名兽医,自己经营一家兽医门市。2005年3月9日,李某告诉妻子到兽医门市后一连两天没有回家,他的妻子及家人四处寻找,却怎么也找不到。办案民警沿着李某日常行为轨迹查找了许久,却没有发现任何有价值的线索。李某究竟去了哪里?人在何处?为何生不见人,死不见尸?内黄县公安局经过多次调查走访,发现李某的好友单某有重大嫌疑。单某,1975年出生,比李某小3岁,李某在单某家的临街门市开一兽医门市,生意还不错,平时单某对李某以哥哥相称。就在李某失踪后的3天,单某也不知去向,民警判断李某的失踪与单某存在某种关系,当务之急必须找到单某。民警根据单某的社会关系,把他有可能藏身的地方全都找遍了,就是不见踪影。此后民警在山西、广东、河北等地对其进行追捕,但都没有收获。侦破丨怀疑与妻子有染将好友杀害,藏尸后亡命天涯11年过去了,单某就像从人间蒸发了一样,就在大家认为破案无望时,今年8月28日,河北警方传来消息:网上逃犯单某被抓获!内黄县刑警大队接到河北省临漳警方电话得知,当地警方在对一辆客车例行检查时查获一名内黄籍上网逃犯。内黄县刑警大队民警驱车直奔临漳县看守所,将苦苦追捕了11年的犯罪嫌疑人单某带回内黄。面对民警的讯问,单某反而质问民警凭什么将其列为网上逃犯,有何证据证明其有罪。然而,随着讯问步步深入,单某的心理防线开始崩溃,最后终于供述了自己杀人的犯罪事实。据单某供述,因怀疑李某与自己的妻子有奸情,情急之下将李某用刀刺死,然后抛尸一废弃的老式水井内,并加以掩埋。根据单某的供述,民警找到那眼废旧的水井。由于水井早已被废弃物填平,给挖掘工作带来很大困难,后在专业人员的配合下,连续挖掘3天才在20多米深的井底挖出尸骨,经鉴定正是11年前失踪的李某的尸骨。据悉,目前单某已被检方批准逮捕,等待其的将是法律的严惩。相关视频: 新会12年尘封命案告破 凶手终落网相关的主题文章: