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Many students work at night crying parents how to walk out of the dilemma – the principal weapon Beijing recently, one of the parents of the night crying in the circle of friends scraper, the mother of a Shenzhen primary school children attend the fourth grade, that evening 11 pm, she gave a true monologue in the parents group: "the homework is too much!…… In addition to teach to teach, accompany with me, what are the other is not going to help him." These words also let many parents feel, have Tucao, soon after the beginning of the homework to allow them to "load": the first grade primary school, math, Chinese and English homework every day, three one less. Even if there is no written work, English every day to recite the text, language in addition to reading dictation and preview, but also to retell the story to go to school, and parents to complete the parent-child reading"…… This night is basically normal". In addition, in the face of "picture recording winter vacation life" "video recording children stories" and "wonderful work", "homework" parents must sign the requirements, so that many parents have to follow up homework even early in the morning. Many mothers Tucao: a long day back home, while the children eating and sleeping, the side to accompany him to do his homework." Homework is about to become a parent. Reporters learned that Guangzhou primary school has many advocates for reducing the burden of students, so each homework is not much, the school has provided a number of English language to control the amount of homework in 1 hours, but the operation requirements of innovation and as far as possible to invite parents to participate in together, these conditions can virtually increase the pressure of the parents. Homework problems are both students and parents, students how to get out of the job, sleepy bureau? Nanfang Daily "school" education week for you invited to the school principal to kibitz. Nanfang Daily reporter trainee reporter Tao Dapin Chen Fangting 1 tricks "only when special" anti to learn the effective time management students work more or less, is not the key, the key is to guide the students only when special, improve work efficiency, effective management will let the children in time to do homework in middle school. Guangzhou Dongshan Pui Ching primary school former president Zhang Shuhua believes that the amount of work of the children of parents who care, did not seize the key issues in primary school learning. In fact, more important in primary school is to cultivate the habit of learning, to achieve the "only when special", but also to prevent the bad habit of dawdle. Zhang Shuhua believes that the primary stage, especially the lower grades, to try to form a child’s effective management of time, within the specified time to complete the appropriate amount of work. Parents do not give their children homework plus meals, so that the child will be formed to delay the time to deal with the psychological parents, thereby forming a habit of dragging time. Once the dawdle procrastination habit formation, the impact on the high grade learning will reduce homework, speed and efficiency. 2 tricks to improve the efficiency of the classroom classroom digestion of knowledge points "because the homework is a supplement to the classroom teaching, the classroom is learned, not consolidated by go home after doing much homework." Dongfeng Road Primary School Principals Chen Boliang think, reduce the burden of students, both to reduce the psychological burden of students, but also.相关的主题文章: