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Men want to jump before falling by firefighters hold – Beijing net Changde October 9th news (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Tan Jian correspondent wearing goods) on October 6th at 9:24 in the morning, Changde Lixian Jinyu Hotel, a more than and 30 year old middle-aged man sitting on the edge of the roof billboards, feet dangling, emotional want to jump. In the men’s families and their conversation, firefighters from the side close to the man, before the man fell, hugged his waist. In the police, fire officers and men to communicate that man son died in a traffic accident, spur of the moment, there is a jumping move. The police, the man in the conversation, the mood is very excited, burst into tears several times. In addition, when the wind is relatively large, laying down a few times a few times the life of the air cushion wind position, to increase the number of variables for rescue. 10:35, man uncle came to the scene with rescuers and talk to the man emotionally stable, firefighters quietly from the side of Shaowei horse near the man, the man fell in a moment ago, cling to the man’s waist, the other two firefighters to drag it to safety. Currently, the fire department has been transferred to the public security organs.相关的主题文章: