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Mid Autumn Festival small holiday   overtime how to calculate? – Travel Channel original title: Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, overtime how? Mid Autumn Festival small long holiday, the worker’s overtime wages should be how to calculate? Reporters learned from the labor department, September 15th mid autumn festival day overtime, the unit should be no less than 300% of the workers themselves or hourly wages to pay overtime wages. According to the notice of the general office of the State Council on 2016 part of the holiday, September 15th to 17 holiday days off, September 18th (Sunday). According to the relevant laws and regulations, the employer arranges overtime in September 15th, should not be less than 300% of the workers themselves day or hourly wage shall pay overtime wages; in September 16th, 17 daily employer arranges overtime, you can choose to arrange time off without pay workers overtime wages. If you do not give time off, it should not be less than my day or hourly wage workers to pay overtime wages 200%. When calculating overtime wages, the daily wage is calculated by the average monthly salary of 21.75 days, the hourly wage is divided on the basis of daily wages by 8. In accordance with the implementation of the minimum wage of 2190 yuan in April 1st from the implementation of the Shanghai, the workers in the Mid Autumn Festival in September 15th to work overtime, overtime wages of at least $302 a day. If 3 days work overtime, leave, overtime pay at least 704 yuan. (reporter Zhou Rui) (Liu Jia, pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: