Montella exposure AC Milan 2 angry veteran trash them directly

Montella exposure AC Milan 2 angry veteran trash them directly to abandon Montolivo is abandoned? Sina sports news in a league after two defeats, the team ranking has dropped to fifteenth, AC Milan coach Montella is really angry, he not only in the locker room and at Milan for the players to be furious, still brewing a major reform of the team. Montella stressed that in the future only worthy of the players to play in Milan AC, regardless of fame and position, no responsibility and desire for victory, do not want to have a game to play. "Evening Post" said the Rossoneri coach will take the lead in Abate and Montolivo two veteran surgery, Montella fury lecture is mainly to the two players. "Put on this shirt, you need to take more responsibility, especially on the defensive end must do. I will use only those who have a sense of responsibility and responsibility." After the start of the season, Abate is a serious decline, therefore Montella in the next game to send the young right back Carla Bria, 19 years old, last season Cara in Mikhailovich under the bright spots, is considered to be the main candidate for the Rossoneri future. But as captain Montolivo may yielded new signing Jose Sosa, the latter may be enabled as a defensive midfielder. Montella. In the game with Udine J, Sosa is a rare performance of the players, not only a foot hit the crossbar attack, defensive side is also very good. In contrast, the mediocrity of the captain let Montella extremely disappointed, "Milan sports newspaper" the game score only 5.5 points. This is not the first time Montolivo been criticized, since the armband of the moment, the soft wind the ball, not the atmosphere became Montolivo label. If you take will mean Montella hard to carry out a thorough reform of the team. The current AC Milan needed a way to encourage his teammates in adversity can roar and incentive Tiexue characters. The Rossoneri will be how to change, the weekend with the rival Sampdoria will see the answer. (LK)相关的主题文章: