Mother in law urges her daughter-in-law to give birth to a child and daughter-in-law gives birth to

The mother-in-law hurried child daughter-in-law daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby – Shaoxing Shangyu Sohu news to his son-in-law Zhang Zhen court recently encountered such a case: mother-in-law daughter-in-law Cuizhe may give birth to a child, the son is not often around, go to the hospital to accompany the son-in-law daughter-in-law, the child is born, mother-in-law found the child and family as quickly, paternity test results, the children are really not the son of. Under the persuasion of relatives and judges, the two sides agreed to divorce, and reached a mediation agreement: the child raised by the daughter-in-law may, alimony by the daughter of the child to bear, and pay the man’s mental damages twenty thousand yuan. This is not the result, the son just divorced, daughter divorced again, the reason is a daughter-in-law born a son-in-law of children. Li aunt in Shaoxing, Shangyu, has one son and one daughter. A few years ago, the son and the woman A Mei (alias) free love, and registered marriage in 2012. After two years of marriage, Li aunt saw the daughter-in-law’s stomach without any movement, anxious to hold grandchildren, while urging her daughter-in-law to worship Bodhisattva, but also let the daughter go to the hospital for examination and treatment. Before long, Amy’s belly got up, and the coke broke aunt li. After pregnancy in May, she was carefully taken care of by Ms. li. Later, aunt Lee’s son and his daughter found physical characteristics are quite different, non doubt their own. In April 2015, the results of paternity test make everyone dumbfounded, according to the DNA test results for "no parent blood relationship."". Not long ago, Li Dama’s son handed over a petition to the Shangyu District People’s court Zhang town court to sue for divorce. In the trial, the man may to cleanse the family, and may request compensation for mental damages 100 thousand yuan. Amy insisted that the child was still young and that the law could not divorce the man within one year after delivery and refused the appeal. Amy told the judge that paternity testing had been a hot topic in the neighborhood, and that divorce was inevitable, but that she thought the divorce conditions her husband had put forward were too harsh. Under the persuasion of relatives and judges, the two sides agreed to divorce, and reached a mediation agreement: the child raised by may, alimony may be undertaken by the United States, and pay the man’s mental damages twenty thousand yuan. Originally, Aunt Li, who was eager to hold grandchildren, had no culture. She could accompany his daughter-in-law to seek Bodhisattva, but she couldn’t accompany her daughter-in-law to the hospital. Because her son was not always around, she called the son-in-law in the car to accompany her daughter-in-law to the hospital. In the course of contacts, daughter and son-in-law on the good, and now my daughter and son-in-law in divorce. Newspaper correspondent Du Jingjing Jin Bing newspaper reporter Miao Lina

婆婆催着儿媳生孩子 儿媳给女婿生了个娃-搜狐新闻  绍兴上虞章镇法院最近碰到了这样一个案件:婆婆催着儿媳阿美生孩子,儿子不常在身边,就叫女婿陪儿媳去医院,结果,孩子生出来后,婆婆发现孩子和自家人不像,赶紧亲子鉴定,结果,孩子真不是儿子的。   在亲戚和法官的劝说下,双方同意离婚,并达成调解协议:孩子由儿媳阿美抚养,抚养费由儿媳阿美自行承担,并支付男方精神损害赔偿金两万元。   这还不是结果,儿子刚离婚,女儿又闹离婚了,原因竟然是儿媳生的是女婿的孩子。   绍兴上虞的李大妈育有一子一女。   几年前,儿子与女子阿美(化名)自由恋爱,并于2012年登记结婚。婚后两年多,李大妈眼见儿媳的肚子没有任何动静,急着想抱孙子的她一边催儿媳妇去拜菩萨,同时,还让儿媳妇去医院检查治疗。   没多久,阿美的肚子隆起来了,这可乐坏了李大妈。阿美怀孕顺利产下一女后,李大妈细心照顾。   后来,李大妈的儿子发现女儿的体貌特征与自己差异较大,怀疑非自己亲生。   2015年4月,亲子鉴定出来的结果令大家目瞪口呆,依据DNA检验结果为“无亲子血缘关系”。没多久,李大妈的儿子一纸诉状递至上虞区人民法院章镇法庭,起诉离婚。   庭审中,男方要阿美净身出户,并要求阿美赔偿精神损失费10万元。阿美则坚持认为,小孩还小,而且法律规定,分娩后一年内,男方不能离婚,拒绝上述诉求。   阿美告诉法官,亲子鉴定这事在左邻右舍中已闹得沸沸扬扬,离婚是必然的,只是她认为丈夫提出的离婚条件太苛刻。   在亲戚和法官的劝说下,双方同意离婚,并达成调解协议:孩子由阿美抚养,抚养费由阿美自行承担,并支付男方精神损害赔偿金两万元。   原来,急着想抱孙辈的李大妈,没什么文化,她可以陪媳妇去求菩萨,但却无法陪儿媳去医院检查。由于儿子不常在身边,她叫来有车的女婿陪同媳妇去医院。一来二去,儿媳与女婿好上了,现在女儿、女婿也在闹离婚。   本报通讯员 杜静静 金冰   本报记者苗丽娜相关的主题文章: