Mountain gold and silver mid high approximation, crude oil shock bearish triangle sorpack

Mountain: gold and silver mid high approximation, crude oil shock bearish triangle Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Under normal circumstances, do not trade in the range of 2-3 yuan in the upper and lower, unless you are a short-term master, preferably in a support bar or a resistance in the range, at least 5 yuan; do not rush to Fanben at a loss, should calm down, careful analysis, then zaizhan. In the face of losses, remember not to rush to reverse the new position to turn over the map, which will only make the situation worse. Only when you think that under the prediction and the original decision was completely wrong, can open new positions as soon as possible. The loss of a reverse position. Remember not to be emotional, rather than miss the opportunity, never take the risk of doing wrong! The golden day slow up go unilateral, U.S. is unilateral continue to rise, the overall strength of gold yesterday in 1324-1352, one or 28 dollars, closing line in the 1349 line, but such efforts are once again after the non farm payrolls rose, but the market is concerned, in the days of range or in rangebound in August. The current market trend is more, this is certainly the top concern, daily cycle high 1358, today that the Asia Europe plate change, short-term moving average support in line 1343, broken bits high shock, do not break the continuity, the daily weekly trend change of sun, at least one high shock appears. So, today’s gold concern 1353-13581346-1343, do not chase more. Silver yesterday told exceeded 19.65, at around 20, also showed a strong bull, the daily cycle high in the vicinity of 20.10, today the Asia Europe plate high of 20.40, step back to unilateral support in the vicinity of 19.70. Large range on 20.40-19.70. After unilateral crude yesterday came out, a minimum of 43.80 go to rebound, high at 44.90 midnight today, crude oil continues to see weak shock, in the range of 45.30-44. A more timely market contact shanhaiguan! The next day to go gold unilateral rise, the highest in the 1352 line, the Asia Europe plate stepped back to the lowest intensity in the 1324 line, the overall rise of $28 efforts to stage three, the disc slowly rose to 1336, below the U.S. data bullish, rose to 13421353 in two stages, according to the closing line, in gold 1352, Jiepan forecast last night, the 1353 is rising high attention under the unilateral market today does not chase. According to the daily and weekly sun’s situation, unilateral rise higher, and pay attention to the previous high daily high of 1358, while the daily cycle, unilateral rise, may point out high Powei 1368. But from the period, can not be blindly bullish, after a small period of temporary gold H4 cycle and high frequency line hour cycle Pro high departure from the state, if the trend is likely to force malaise, out of the wave fell trend go high. So, today that the Asia Europe plate shock interval, high in the 1 Asia Europe plate theory相关的主题文章: