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Language Good grammar and spelling is something that everyone should learn very early on in their education. Unfortunately, without regular practice in writing properly, many people forget how to spell things and they tend to be.e rather lazy about grammatical guidelines. Spell checking software and .puterized grammar help can be used in a way that can help people improve their writing and .munication skills. Why Good Grammar is Important Reading .prehension is much easier when you understand grammar. If an essay or an article does not have a good flow in the language, and words are out of place or misused, it can be extremely difficult to understand what the author was trying to .municate. Misspelled words can also create confusion as to what the writer actually meant to write. It is for this reason that everyone should take the time to learn and practice proper English writing. Everyone needs to be able to express themselves in writing for school and for their career at one time or another. Since this is a requirement that .es up time and time again in just about everyones life, it is best to learn how to do it well, so you dont look bad. Poor writing can make it hard for others to understand what you are writing, and it can make it seem that you dont really know what you are talking about. A truly intelligent person who has poor grammar will not seem as smart as they are because they could not .municate well on paper. Using Software to Aid Writing Skills There has been some argument about whether or not software is helping or hindering the ability of students and employees to spell things correctly and write in proper English. Some say that automatic corrections on the .puter can make people too lazy to learn the right way to form sentences or spell words, and that this technology is stopping people from thinking on their own. This is not necessarily true in every case, however. Since the software is programmed to highlight potential incorrect spelling and grammatical errors, writers will be notified that they are possibly making a mistake. Just knowing that a correction should be made is the first step in learning how to improve writing. On paper, it is much easier to overlook such mistakes, especially if the writer does not know what the rules are. Having a grammar check or spell check can actually help people to learn if they use it to their advantage. One way that they can use these features is to keep the auto-correction disabled. This way when a mistake is highlighted, they can look at the mistake and attempt to make the adjustment themselves. It is a way to quiz themselves about spelling a certain word or forming a sentence properly. It is also much easier to remember these things if they figure it out themselves rather than being automatically told the answer. Grammar is truly important and software can certainly help people learn. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: