New album of the lion dance studio in October 8th to do a new song Concert (video)

New album "new year", "the new year’s new album" LION "will be released on September 16th in 2016," the new year of the new year "," ". The lion song chorus concert will be held on October 8th at 7 p.m. in New Taipei City Plaza grand concert, then the Tencent will broadcast live video LiveMusic! The lion lion Choir album hair piece reporter will do the choir chorus choir "lion lion last request" the official version of the Tencent entertainment news "Warner Music Group New Year heavyweight" lion chorus in 2016 new album "LION" will be released on September 16th. Hair soon, especially in Taipei, held a press conference, issued by the brand will be presented in the form of a unique form. The opening of a road from the Beatles, eagles and other classical orchestras introduced to belong to this era of the lion choir. At the meeting, the members came to power one by one to show their characteristics! In addition, the day at the press conference also officially announced four album design, pre paid more in Japan and illustrator JAMZ cooperation, will be turned into a series of characters the lion choir! Congratulations for the formal hair piece, Warner Music specially for the lion Choir sent by the sister "Asian pop diva" Jolin "Queen" team to build the "lion Fondant Cake", and give them. The lion Choir hair piece, followed in October 8th 7 p.m. in New Taipei City Plaza New Song Concert, then the Tencent will be televised video and KKBOX! The chorus of "LION" with the following main Dage "last request" turns into 10 song lyrics, not only by Jam Hsiao personally, filled with explosive, meticulous difficult arrangement, more people appreciate more is to win the majority of echo, the network discussion almost broke the table! The same day the lion chorus held hair piece press conference, is also the orchestra met for the first time with all the media, reporters will be different from the general form of "brand will be published, There was no parallel in history." concept, from the start of the rock and Roll Hall of fame of the Beatles, the eagles, U2 classic band to belong to this era of the lion lion choir. Become a classic then, like nature itself; the host introduced Colonel Q, guitarist Zou Qiang, drummer and vocalist Jam Hsiao a moment, let us first to clear their roles in the orchestra and personal characteristics, and the force moment o Q and expertise respectively wrote "haircut" and "hair flip" not only make people smile, is also impressive! In the day of the press conference, also announced a series of LION four album cover, in addition to the official version, the other three limited edition by the active illustrator in Japan JAMZ personally designed. Illustrator JAMZ will be turned into the lion’s Choir illustration figures, portraits of each member will feature true to life are accentuates. In addition, JAMZ will also be included in the lion Choir fixed role! The JAMZ studio in Tokyo on behalf of the official hill, "Bun Bun" is his most widely known works, "Bun Bun" by constantly traveling and observing human behavior as inspiration, but also J!相关的主题文章: