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Legal New York Police Reports Records are kept by the states Department of Criminal Justice Services. The records are available to the public as what was indicated on the Freedom of Information Act in 1966. .pared to arrest records, police reports have more detailed information about a crime or incident. Although the police records are accessible to the public, these records are still controlled. This means that the details of the incident are kept until the defendant wins the case. The fingerprints, papers and photograph which are taken during the whole period of investigation will only be given to the individual after the all the court proceedings are done given that the defendant has won the case. The police records in New York would expose the real name of the perpetrator, permit to carry firearms if applicable, new address if the person has moved, any forms of violations and any fraudulent acts. The report would still indicate the whole details of the incident even where there was no arrest served to the individual. In addition to that, proofs or evidences which are found on the scene are also indicated on the record. The report also shows the notes of the police officer who conducted the investigation of the incident. Investigation of a crime is the most .mon reason for accessing the police reports. These records, in most of the times, would greatly contribute in the resolution of a case. Lawyers of a law firm checks the reports and uses it during their findings. The reports are also used by employers to check the record of the applicants to ensure they are hiring trustworthy employees. The police report can only be retrieved from the government agencies that are authorized to release such records. In New York, the office of the Department of Criminal Justice Services releases the records upon request as long as a valid reason can be provided by the requesting party. The said record can also be released over the inter.. Online searching for the police report has made the retrieval of such records easier, which can also save a lot of time as it eliminates the need to fall in line to get a copy of the police record. The search for police records over the inter. can be done through free websites. Free websites can give a lot of information that are very difficult to read and analyze. One has to study it first in order to use it, unlike the information provided by fee based sites. Fee based websites, provide information that are ready to be used by law firms and the information are fairly easy to understand, thus there is no need to further dwell in the information provided by the website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: