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Ningbo 60 year old man three years ago was sentenced for stealing is stealing seafood and detained in the "Apple caught a 60 year old man, for stealing a box of Fuji red apple, we were detained." Two days ago, Haishu Gulou police station told reporters about this case. Ask, this old man misdeeds. The old man surnamed Zhou, Jiangbei, before this, he had spent three times in prison. In 1986, only 30 year old Zhou because of theft, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment; after his release, in 2000, he was sentenced to 11 years for robbery; stealing a purse, mobile phone, computer and other cases in 2013, Zhou It is often seen., changed his preferences, in Jiangbei Lu Lin stole the market vendors are for sale of seafood, the police series of more than 10 cases, a week later by the detention for 6 months…… October 6th this year, more than 7 in the morning, Zhou was arrested again. At that time, the plainclothes police in Gulou police station patrolled the street called Tong children street. It was found that a man who was riding a battery car was suspicious of a truck beside a fruit shop. Looking back, the boss just came back from the fruit wholesale market, while he moved the fruit from the truck to the store not pay attention to, the man readily moved a box of red Fuji, quickly ride the battery car ready to flee, plainclothes police rushed forward, grabbed him. Back to the Institute, the police found that the man is a criminal record of zhou. The same day he rode the battery car, is also stolen in April this year, after the police on the battery car theft video comparison, found that Zhou last year in August and October this year, respectively stolen a battery car. "It is because of repeated theft, every time can be caught a lot of string case, the old man again jingfangxingju." Police told reporters that Zhou has been arrested.

宁波60岁老头三年前偷海鲜被判刑 现因偷苹果又被拘   “所里抓了个60岁的老头儿,因为偷了一箱红富士苹果,被我们刑事拘留了。”   前两天,海曙鼓楼派出所的民警跟记者讲起这个案子。   细问,这老头劣迹斑斑。   老头姓周,江北人,在这次之前,他已蹲过三次大牢。   1986年,年仅30岁的周某就因为盗窃,被判了7年有期徒刑;   出狱后,2000年,他因为抢劫被判11年;   偷钱包、手机、电脑等案件屡见不鲜,然而2013年,周某变了喜好,他在江北路林市场偷起了摊贩们待售的海鲜,警方共串联了10余起案件,后来周某被拘役6个月……   今年10月6日早上7点多,周某又被抓了。   当时,鼓楼派出所便衣民警在呼童街一带巡逻,发现在一家水果店外,有名骑电瓶车的男子在一辆货车边行为可疑。   细看,老板刚从水果批发市场回来,趁他把水果从货车搬到店里不注意时,这名男子随手搬了一箱红富士,迅速骑上电瓶车准备逃离,便衣民警赶紧上前,一把抓住了他。   带回所里后,民警发现男子正是前科累累的周某。当天他骑的这辆电瓶车,也是在今年4月偷来的,之后,民警对电瓶车失窃案视频做了比对,发现周某于去年8月和今年10月又分别盗窃了一辆电瓶车。   “正是因为多次盗窃,每回被抓都能串起好多案子,老头儿这次又被刑拘了。”民警告诉记者,周某目前已被逮捕。相关的主题文章: