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October 22nd morning peak Audi second-hand car showroom opened 2 anniversary if you want to wake up all of your senses, embrace the new adventure, "if you have enjoyed the · release; the sense of" enterprising spirit, so fast forward with the new Audi A4L together, this journey will subvert your cognition for the future of Science and technology! Let this beam from the matrix LED headlamps shine, 4 had met the feeling, from now on for you to guide the way forward! Easy to help you change the 1 step!   with the change of people’s consumption concept, more and more people have used the car. Good quality, cost-effective vehicle is in short supply in the second-hand car market. Theme: morning peak Audi second-hand car exhibition opening 2 anniversary celebration activities Name: 4 met   1 step for the new time: October 22, 2016 (Saturday) 14:30-18:00               location: Guangzhou morning peak Audi exhibition hall of activities: factory direct supply model the second-hand car + + songs + knowledge quiz interactive site assessment + fine tea break…….   activity policy: a surprise ceremony ceremony "" where "met shop on the day of check-in customers can receive a Audi photo frame a car;" "where" in the day of the event will be awarded Car Buying, Audi draw bar box a "gift" to "assessment; assessment will receive Audi a fine U disk replacement;" "Li" during the event Audi can receive any replacement of old gold statue of a God; referral ceremony "" "during the event The old customer referrals, the success of Car Buying, send maintenance time; "" Li "interactive activities in the field of music quiz, guess you can get Audi golf umbrella;   two, the policy" "sales" Shoufu low to 30 thousand and 3: Car Buying exclusive financial Audi, easy loan home. After sale "" 1, you maintain · I send oil: maintenance of oil, oil or oil, machine, or 1 liters of oil, 1. 2, the old push new · send maintenance: old customers recommend new customers, a successful car to send free maintenance 1 times. 3, basic maintenance discount as low as 24% off. The second-hand car "" 1 ", the city only for non Audi brand second-hand car financial stage mortgage; 2, non Audi brand second-hand car purchase commitment is higher than the same industry 2000 yuan; 3, Audi used car purchase commitment is higher than the same industry 4S shop 8000 yuan; 4, assessment of ritual activities, free car wash shop to receive evaluation a surprise gift; 5, buy Audi products recommended second-hand car, enjoy preferential interest free installment for two years Car Buying; 6, any replacement of old Audi million to enjoy subsidies. The morning peak of the 2 anniversary of Audi, Audi products recommended second-hand car with "professional, honest, convenient" service concept, to provide physical and mental pleasure "Car Buying experience for you. The more massive source of high-quality car, rich activity feedback, we invite you to visit the products recommended.   official certification, strict control of each Audi certified products recommended second-hand car,;相关的主题文章: