Odom first appeared publicly after his discharge from hospital, and Kardashian and harden really sco-xpphone

Odom was released from the hospital after the first public appearance of Kardashian and harden really – Sohu sports in Beijing on February 12th news, from the famous gossip website TMZ reported that the former NBA star Lamar Odom has recently been photographed with Kohler Kardashian aboard a private plane to New York. This is Odom’s first public appearance since the event, which is a surprise from the progress of recovery. Last October, after the drug abuse incident in the brothel, rumors were outside that Odom was difficult to recover completely. And now, Odom’s recovery is amazing. Last week, Odom and the Kardashian sisters (Kohler and gold) to go hiking together, this is the Odom outdoor exercise for the first time since January of this year after discharge. Local time Thursday night, Odom and Kohler together at Losangeles Airport, they take a private plane to New York, to participate in the famous rapper Kanye West album release. "Kan Ye" is Kim’s husband, and Odom in the name of Kohler still maintained a relationship between husband and wife, so between Kanye and Odom or relatives. From the TMZ to the photo shoot, Odom was wearing a beige long coat, head wearing a headset, holding a tablet computer, looks pretty good spirit; and Kohler is beside Odom. According to TMZ kongre, Odom hospital, Kanye often to visit, and personally singing his new song. After that, Odom gradually recovered and remembered some special lyrics. This made Odom understand that Kan’s music helped him recover. Flying from Losangeles to New York, it’s a long flight. It takes a lot of energy for Odom, but Odom told Kohler that he went to New York to support him! There are indications that Kohler and the Rockets star James – harden seems to really break up, "beard" is seen with other beauty together; and Kohler or to take care of Odom. Of course, for Odom, his recovery is not over…… (Jim)

奥多姆出院后首次公开现身 卡戴珊与哈登真分了-搜狐体育   北京时间2月12日消息,来自著名八卦网站TMZ的报道称,前NBA球星拉马尔-奥多姆日前被拍到与科勒-卡戴珊一起乘坐私人飞机前去纽约。这是奥多姆自出事后首次公开现身,从恢复进展来看,令人惊喜。   去年10月在妓院因吸毒出事后,当时外界流言称奥多姆的身体很难完全康复。而如今的情况是,奥多姆的身体恢复堪称神速。就在上周,奥多姆还与卡戴珊姐妹(科勒和金)一起外出徒步旅行,这是奥多姆自今年1月出院后首次进行户外锻炼。   当地时间周四晚,奥多姆与科勒一起现身洛杉矶机场,他俩乘坐一架私人飞机前去纽约,参加著名说唱歌手坎耶-韦斯特的专辑发布会。“侃爷”是金的丈夫,而奥多姆在名义上仍与科勒保持着夫妻关系,所以侃爷与奥多姆之间还是亲戚。   从TMZ拍到的照片来看,奥多姆当时身穿一件长款米色风衣,脑袋上戴着一副耳机,手上拿着平板电脑,看上去精神相当不错;而科勒就在奥多姆身旁。   根据TMZ得到的线报,奥多姆住院期间,侃爷经常去探望,并当面清唱他的最新歌曲。之后奥多姆逐渐康复,能记起一些特殊歌词。这让奥多姆明白,侃爷的音乐帮助他康复。   从洛杉矶飞去纽约,这算是一次长途飞行。这对奥多姆而言需要消耗大量的体力,不过奥多姆告诉科勒,他前去纽约是为了支持侃爷!   种种迹象表明,科勒与火箭队当家球星詹姆斯-哈登似乎真的分手了,“大胡子”被目睹与其他美女在一起;而科勒还是以照顾奥多姆为主。   当然,对奥多姆来说,他的康复进展还没结束……(jim)相关的主题文章: