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Old drivers are forced to rip! What do you really know about "overtaking on the right"? Sohu – car a few days ago on the way out two fat health, uncle send bricks to the airport, there is a small Audi from the right beyond the two fat big Alto, two fat mouth kept complaining: "SB ah, right passing violations do not know, these people how to test a driver’s license!" , after listening to the sound of a brick speechless, read in the ignorance of the innocence of this sentence on the part of the right to give him a general knowledge of the right overtaking. What is overtaking? After the car is overtaking the front car, this is just our understanding of the popular sense of overtaking, overtaking the legal level is very strict. What is the right side overtaking? The judgment of "right passing", the key is the complete action of overtaking vehicles: 1 the same lane after the car to the right lane 2 and then out of the car 3 and then back to the original location away from the line before and after overtaking lanes if the car be exceedinged closer, it belongs to the right passing, such as surface. If the car after overtaking and overtaking, and back to the original location of the lane are far away from the overtaking vehicle, then this is not the case from the right side of the road ahead of the vehicle overtaking". On the right side overtaking what harm? China’s regulations, motor vehicle driving on the right, and the vehicle was left the car, so right the area is relatively large, and thus easily from the right beyond the vehicle collision. Due to the existence of such security risks, China’s traffic law prohibits the right overtaking behavior. For example, being overtaken in the driving car without timely detection of the vehicle on the right side, select the right line, this is very easy and the right side is "right overtaking a vehicle accident. What kind of situation is not the right side overtaking? From a legal point of view, not all of the previous car on the right side of the behavior, all belong to the right overtaking". For example, the following three cases, do not belong to the right overtaking, but it is often misunderstood. The right lane of the car than the left lane car in the same lane after the car to the right lane, and then out of the car. The right lane car beyond the left lane of the car, and then to the left lane. To pass the right! The correct way to overtake, must be carried out from the left, so that the car only needs to deviate from the lane to the left under the minimum condition, the driver can observe the front can overtake, to ensure safety. Usually only in the event of a traffic accident, and one party proposed the other side of the right side of the suspect, the traffic police will be related to the investigation, if the case is actually a corresponding punishment. But in general, the police generally do not take the initiative to punish the right overtaking behavior. Although mentioned in the current law enforcement situation is relatively vague, but we do not have to persuade the lucky, after all, life is their own.相关的主题文章: