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Depression As much as the human mind is credited for its ability to think, react and remember, human mind is equally cursed too, as it is prone to various mental and psychological problems. In the present day, the cases of people suffering from one or the other brain problems are quite common. Say it stress or unhealthy lifestyle or genetic disorders, the fact lies that human minds are prone to an array of problems that can affect the individual in different ways. Despite the fact that human brain is faster and more capable than computer, the fact also lies that one mental or psychological problem and the functioning of human brain can go haywire. One of the psychological problems that seems to picking up among people across the globe is bipolar syndrome. Bipolar disorder is a psychological that is characterised as total inattentiveness or abnormal behaviour. This is a syndrome that is observed among youngsters. However, various medical experts say that bipolar disorder is broadly of two types: Bipolar mania disorder and bipolar depression disorder. Bipolar mania disorder is characterised with the following symptoms: 1. Exaggerated self esteem 2. Lack of sleep. In other words, less need of sleep 3. Unusually talkative. In other words, there is an uncontrollable urge to talk 4. There is a constant psychomotor agitation. In other words, extremely driven to achieve the set goals. 5. Involvement in excessive pleasure oriented activities that can result to painful consequences like spending without bothering, random and mindless investments If an individual is facing a minimum of 3 of the above mentioned symptoms, then it is surely a case of bipolar mania disorder. However, a bipolar depression disorder is characterised with the following symptoms: A. Almost every day seems to start and end with a depressed mood B. Lack of interest in any sort activity C. Significant weight loss or weight gain with no changes in the diet D. Excessive sleep or completely deprived of sleep E. Lack of energy. In other words feeling of weakness F. Severe damage to the thinking ability. Lack of concentration Increase in suicidal intentions. In other words constant feeling of committing suicide Individuals facing a minimum of 5 symptoms from the above is said to be facing bipolar depression disorder. Whatever may be the type, bipolar syndrome is definitely a matter of concern. However, thanks to the advancements in medical science, there is hardly any mental and physical problem that is not healable. Various medical experts have come up with various medicinal and non medicinal techniques that help solve bipolar syndrome. In addition, the virtual world is filled with lots of information that is not only spreading awareness about the syndrome but is also helping people to identify and heal the syndrome in an initial stage. However, people who have failed to detect this syndrome in the early stage has a new healing technique at their perusal i.e. Trivedi Effect. Pioneered by Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, The Trivedi Effect is an energy healing technique that has the ability of identifying and healing all sorts of mental, psychological and physical problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: