The secret of dry skin in winter is here norton disk doctor

The secret of winter bath dry skin are here to lead: cold winter, a hot warm bath of hot water will make the body warm up back. However, you will find that the skin becomes more and more dry in winter, perhaps you did not choose to take a bath products, or wait for a long time before the body lotion. Content: vogue fashion network pay attention to the temperature of the bath water temperature can not because of the cold, the water temperature of the bath is particularly high, too hot water is not conducive to the skin, hot water will only make the skin more dry. Especially after the hot, there is no time to smear the body lotion. Water temperature and body temperature is the most suitable temperature. The frequency of the frequency of bath bath in winter, bath every day does not make your skin more healthy, and your body is not so much dirt, once a day or even two times the bath will only make the body more and more dry and rough skin. Weekly 2-3 bath is the most appropriate. Try to change exfoliating products winterbath try exfoliating products for the summer, we will use your body scrub, but in winter if you want to give body to remove the skin, it is best to choose a relatively high matte oil products, such as oil of extremely high scrub, so as not to scratch the skin, but also make the skin is more moisture. 3 minutes after the smear body lotion smear body lotion after bathing time daub body milk must be in 3 minutes later, when the moisture on the skin just dry, not completely dry, the skin pores open, smear body milk can make the skin more moisture will be more durable. Methods apply body lotion smear method body lotion more humid climate in the south, generally as long as the coated body lotion is enough, but north because the weather is too dry, especially indoor air dry, the best method of body lotion + body cream. Apply body lotion or oil to your skin and let your skin thoroughly moisturize. Bathing habits around the world Hungary’s bathing custom around the world Hungary Hungary is accustomed to the habit of bathing in Finland. Because there are so many hot springs in Hungary, there is a famous spa in Budapest. Hungarian people used to meet, chat, play chess or even a variety of entertainment in the spa. The world customs around the world Russia bathing bathing custom Russia once Russia bath, is a social occasion, the early Russian foreign guests and even business negotiations will be in the bathroom of. The Russians began to keen to enjoy a variety of "torture" in the bathroom from more than one thousand years ago: burned red stone, a heatwave, chilled water, with all leaves tied into the "whip" the whip body scarred. The purpose is to make the body scrub, and our "bathing" is the same meaning. Bath custom around the world Turkey bath custom Turkey Turkey bath is a very historic bath. In the bathroom, a massage smear of olive oil for your specialty, and massage, massage, and mint, camphor soap daub after bubble, can antiphlogistic and analgesic and refreshing. Chong net.相关的主题文章:

Su Yan makeup National Day dating the right way to open – Sohu 海思k3v2

"Makeup makeup" National Day Date correct way to open the Sohu in September has come to an end, Wuli workers already worried, have said intolerable restlessness. Young lovers can finally be able to go on the National Day holiday to go to the field of food to go. Think of a good makeup. And don’t want to find him, you need this ultra detailed scheming "makeup makeup", Yan UP is imperceptibly. "The key makeup makeup is: thin flawless makeup + soft natural eyebrow makeup eye makeup pink blush + + clear bright lips. Flawless Makeup: makeup light has long been said eight hundred times, flawless makeup is not only thin a thin layer of air cushion BB, small series like this some small spots will not clean makeup. Try to use makeup on It differs from man to man., translucent effect more easily create thin flawless effect. Natural and soft eyebrow Makeup: clear bright Makeup: pull the eyeliner eye end can make the eye more slender, also want to contact a little girl don’t use eyeliner beyond the end of eye. Pink blush lip: vibrant "makeup makeup" fix, look suddenly full of vitality, eyes bright and clear, sweet pink lips. The overall makeup looks clean and light. Luxury Princess small love this makeup, good-looking and practical, life must get up quickly! Don’t make up never mind, please pay attention to learn make-up WeChat public number: makeup_sefei (- press copy), and Princess beauty makeup, Manicure school every day to share skills for you, teach you to become beautiful beautiful.相关的主题文章:

Yunnan 14 hope primary school teachers in Sichuan training Internet plus – Beijing restorator

Yunnan 14 hope primary school teachers in Sichuan training "Internet plus" – Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) "through listening and appreciation day, from being a great inspiration, find our own thinking is just a small part, many things are still waiting for us to study and explore." 26, from Qiaojia County of Yunnan province Samsung corn Nao Township Primary School Teacher Wu Jie not only want to issue such a feeling. Samsung smart classroom ceremony cum wisdom teacher training in 24 in Chengdu, Tengchong from Yunnan city and Huize County, Qiaojia County, Jianchuan County, 7 Samsung hope primary school principals and teachers, carefully organized in the Yunnan Youth Foundation, went to Chengdu to attend a 5 day training and learning. For hope primary school teacher in the smart classroom training photo by Zhong Xin as the world’s leading high-tech enterprises, pay attention to education Chinese Samsung perennial youth, in the hope that the use of their products and technology advantage, help the students in poor areas to obtain better teaching facilities and teaching resources, to provide them with city children equal education opportunity. How do children in the mountains link the outside world? Is going out? Or look out? Focus on science and technology of the SamSung group gave the most simple answer: through a cable, a computer, the outside world pulled deep in the mountains. Through the network, with Internet plus concept, for the children to build a double "telescope", broaden their horizons, the dream of flying. For hope primary school students learning Zhong Xin photo China Samsung Greater China Ministry of external affairs, vice president Wang Youyan introduced in the smart classroom, since 2005, China Samsung to Chinese youth development foundation in the country have built 150 Samsung hope primary school. Since 2013, Chinese Samsung in the reconstruction of the Samsung hope primary school, gradually carry out the electronic teaching equipment, network environment and donations for electronic teaching and training of rural teachers, build the hardware and software of both "smart classroom" Samsung, help students to overcome the digital divide, a better understanding of the world and a dream. Expected to reach 81 in 2016. To start the ceremony, from Chinese Samsung Greater China Ministry of external affairs, vice president Wang Youyan, China Youth Development Foundation Deputy Secretary General Yang Chunlei, vice president of the Beijing historian education group army, Beijing Fourth Academic Affairs Office Deputy Director Li Xuemei gathered in a rural school how to better develop a brainstorm. After listening to the class, the feeling of power and pressure are great, after going back to the Samsung smart classroom equipment must use." Qiaojia County Horse Creek Village Shu Zhen Samsung hope primary school principals said Hu fa. Huize County Bridge Township Samsung hope primary school principal Jie Daorong said: after listening to the keynote speech and intelligent classroom demonstration classes, there are two points in particular: teachers should have a heart of love. Only in this way, the teacher can have passion, vitality to innovative teaching experience, achievements in teaching; to play the role of Samsung smart classroom, the teacher must first learn more, skilled in the heart, especially to teach students simply online operation. I sincerely hope that through the teacher相关的主题文章:

Rub the red carpet too out, look at what really big at the festival! – Sohu tinyos

Rub the red carpet too OUT, look at what really big at the festival! – with the opening of the Venice International Film Festival, one of the three International Film Festival, the world’s fans are also about to enter the Venice time. Along with the Toronto Film Festival will be opened, the early autumn were a little busy! This year’s Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival are not as easy as you think. Why? Because this year, the two film festival judges have joined the Chinese actress! Tell you, the female star is out of fashion now rub the red carpet, is really big has played the jury! Yes, the two really big is Zhao Wei and Zhang Ziyi, four artistes suddenly came out of the two day, you said you don’t expect to beat period of this year’s festival are! Zhao Wei for the first time as the Venice Film Festival as a member of the jury, and Zhang Ziyi will be the first to serve as the judges of the Toronto film festival. Today we are going on the International Film Festival of those things! Zhao Wei is the first judge of the International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival is the world’s first international film festival. The father of the international film festival". Founded in August 6, 1932 in Italy, Venice, the main purpose is to improve the level of film art. The 2016 Venice Film Festival will begin in Beijing on August 31st to September 10th! Today, the seventy-third Venice Film Festival has opened the curtain! Zhao Wei as an actress, the production of the general class, B—U—T! As long as Zhao Wei appeared in the movie almost all were chosen to participate in the world greatly small film festivals or screenings, the arrogance of beat you said you wear against! Recently, the Venice Film Festival announced the list of the main competition unit judges, Zhao Wei surprise appeared in the list, which is the only one of the judges only Asian faces. She will be with Sam Mendes and the chairman of the judges, British actor Gemma Arterton and other 9 members of the jury elected at the Venice Golden Lion, Silver Lion Award all major awards. This is the first time for International Film Festival jury, gratifying! In 2014, Zhao Wei has been at the Venice Film Festival made an appearance at the time, Peter Chan with "dear" held a premiere at the Venice Film Festival, has attracted many domestic and foreign visitors watch. One of the judges at the time of Joan Chen in the films not only emotional tears, also affirmed the Zhao Wei said, very natural. South Korean director Kim Ki-duk said that the film was moving in the name of the actress also praised the performance, said the acting is very good. The invitation to Zhao Wei as the Venice Film Festival is precisely because of the influence of Zhao Wei in the international arena and superb acting. This year’s Venice Film Festival some dim starlight, do not know there is a "international Wei this year’s blessing, will be different, today, let us wait and see, and this is also the" new storm "after the first public appearance, you can say that you do not expect! Koko. Zhang Ziyi 2016 Toronto Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto International Film Festival) is one of the important film festivals in North america. September each year.相关的主题文章:

The SCO military exercises last battle PLA heavy weapons Firepower – Sohu Military Channel

The SCO military exercises last battle: Liberation Army heavy weapons Firepower – Sohu military channel page first: Chinese forces rocket shooting [click the picture to the next page] I participating units are firing rockets. Chinese in Balykchy on 21 September, Kyrgyzstan: local time on September 21st at 10 in the morning, the peace mission -2016 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States armed forces joint anti-terrorism military exercises and joint exercises ceremony in Kyrgyzstan, Balykchy City, "E Jay Levy’s" training centre. With a red signal flare up, the actual exercise began. Exercise, all participating units according to "early combat, transfer of civilians, stereo combat, lock control, multi-channel surround, wipe candi" 3 stage organization military action, exercise and improve the SCO joint Anti Terror combat capability. The participating parties of arms (sub) team to take the organization quickly evacuated, civilian rapid maneuver, space combat, vertical encirclement, zhuijian stereo surround and annihilate into wipe candi tactics, army dispatched elite forces, tactical reconnaissance aircraft, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, fighter bombers, armed helicopters, armored vehicles, self-propelled howitzer etc. weapons, the enemy depth key target to conduct aerial reconnaissance, precision attack and fire cover, hunting illegal armed leader, destroy enemy defense structure. Then, the joint forces of multi organization, dart, parachute landing, to seize the favorable terrain in depth, cut off the enemy’s retreat, solid defensive mountain enemy fighters, successfully rescued the hostages, to restore social order. Joint speech at the end of the ceremony, Dui Shane Be Jef, chief of the general staff of the speech. He spoke highly of the preparation and implementation of the exercise, said the exercise to improve the training and coordination of the armed forces of Member States, demonstrating the strong determination of the unity and cooperation of Member States to maintain regional security and stability. Along with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, China, tower 5 military band played the National Anthem of each participating member states flag in the blue sky and the blue sky slowly falling. In the United played loud music in the world, participating units were magnificent style, the air fleet arrived to accept the review over the balcony. "Peace mission -2016" is the first by the director of Kyrgyzstan, the whole organization planning of the SCO joint exercise. I was 13, the participating units to the designated area, the use of two days to complete the multi joint preparation. 15 days after the official start, continuous joint command organization, analysis, determination, preparation of the campaign attempts to determine the operational plan, organize campaigns coordination exercises and 3 ammunition drill. Page second: Chinese buzhanche fire destroyed [click the picture to the next page] I step vehicle warfare troops firepower to destroy. Chinese in Balykchy on 21 September, Kyrgyzstan: local time on September 21st at 10 in the morning, the peace mission -2016 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States armed forces joint anti-terrorism military exercises and joint exercises ceremony in Kyrgyzstan, Balykchy City, "E Jay Levy’s" training centre. With a red signal flare up, the actual exercise began. Exercise, all participating units according to "advance.相关的主题文章:

Since learned the 3 trick photography skills network red and I want to make friends 音羽かなで

Since learned the 3 trick photography skills to make friends network red lead and I go out to play: every time and friends to shoot photos are always a bit just passable. I feel like I’m not that ugly. This is estimated to be the common troubles of many people. (from: fashion COSMO) since the 3 strokes to learn photography skills, red net and I want to make friends is actually very simple, it is because you didn’t see the "Red Net Photo Book ~ now in front of you, 5 minutes of their get~ kanenori package. First, learn to pose well, half of the success of the photo. Not too rigid, too casual, such as what is the hunchback, do not have. Capture posture: usually pretended not to know what was taken, the most natural this beat out the effect. A look around, but not the main effect of snap shot of this trick is "don’t look at the camera lens", are suspected of staged, so don’t just watch. Even if the front shot directly, you also need to install invisible, eyes look to the other direction. The most useful is to see, one is shot out of the face, the two is the picture more interesting. The very busy, in a hurry to give a person a kind of dress too good-looking, passers-by are rushing to beat the feeling. You only need a chest rise, strode forward, aura naturally came out, very busy, on Beckham is a model of fast ah ~ busy busy, what time what you shoot ~ not everyone has Beckham that how to make fashion "cold face" other people feel or picture feeling weak, can try to pretend to drag sunglasses. Naturally, there will be no suspicion of posing.   can try to fake sunglasses. Natural and not have suspected the phone shot swing, playing in the hands of mobile phone use props, is the most simple mobile phone, side dozen the side walk, or stop playing mobile phone, take a picture of the effect will be very natural. Make a phone call, play a natural swing pose: Yes, the swing is also divided into a variety of, first of all, said some of the more natural way to shoot. The micro knees to erect shoot more awkward, slightly bent knees is not the same, easy to learn, focus on one leg, another bent slightly bent. The body slightly bent slightly side leg bending 15 degrees, this is an upgraded version of the above, legs bent more, a strong sense of the picture, omitted side of the body is also easier to shoot 34 face, face significant. The body slightly side 15 degrees, a leg bending the legs cross this estimate we are not unfamiliar, each camera test accurate, can shoot long legs directly. When crossing legs crossed legs flat remember slightly on tiptoe in general, is more commonly used before crossing the legs. Of course, you can also try to cross legs, this mainly depends on personal habits, how comfortable how to shoot their pictures ~ the sideways understand, slim figure. Small waist, buttocks, small thin legs curve sense are more prominent ~ is a simple and sketchy action ~ good use no words.相关的主题文章: