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Palm still swim naked travel carnival, I send you to! September 19th – Sohu of tourism scenic spots and hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars in tourism and goods free of charge to celebrate the Kaiyuan tourism group to be listed on the board in 2016 November, Jiangxi’s first listed tourism enterprises, it is reported that the year September is a month of travel industry the most light, in order to make the traditional tourist season season, from September 1st to September 30th this year, 30 within days, the Kaiyuan tourism Kaiyuan Tourism Group launched a free month activities in the province, in the meantime buy tourism products and goods can enjoy the discount, the Group invested 10 million in new and old members and customers of Kaiyuan Tourism Group’s love, September 19th Kaiyuan tourism group in the provincial capital of Nanchang and the province’s urban counties also held the first "palm is naked brigade swimming carnival celebrations, combined with Jiangxi province tourism scenic area (spot) and hot springs in Nanchang where the Lord will The field and the province’s counties to distinguish the venue, giving free tickets to scenic spots and hundreds of thousands of millions of free travel goods to Kaiyuan tourism group million "brigade powder" and participants of the public and tourists. Any Kaiyuan brigade powder in the day can be free to get a beautiful gift, all the site with WeChat concern "Jiangxi palm still brigade" of the public and tourists can get a scenic spot (free). The site will also hold a large sweepstakes, participate in the lottery can also have the opportunity to get free domestic travel or tourism in korea. The day of the event, the organizers will also organize more than 300 employees, distributed in the main venue, provide how to distinguish between pure play group and low group, zero fare tours, Tourism Shopping Tours advisory services to the public and tourists, to teach the general public and tourists how to avoid to be deceived in the future in tourism. During the event, the organizers will also carry out ten exhibition area selection ten exhibition tourism product selection of the top ten rating, outstanding VIP membership, lucky member selection etc.. Jiangxi Kaiyuan International Travel Agency Limited by Share Ltd official said that this year the US tourism festival main venue size in about 3000 people, the venue of the activity in about 1000 people, the number of participants over 100 thousand people on the line, the size of 1 million people, through such an event, to create the domestic tourism industry with the largest number of activities for the day, millions of people influence, to create the first original mass tourism Carnival domestic tourism history. The first group in the world in September as the Chinese free tourism theme activities, held this year in Jiangxi Province, next year will be extended to the whole country, the purpose is this activity into the Chinese tourism industry "Taobao double 11 Festival"."相关的主题文章: