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Parents love the woman home 10 years home block found was declared dead in original title: Women’s home was declared dead in home v. revocation of Beijing morning news (reporter Huang Xiaoyu) because of their older parents stop and nearly 10 year old to marry her boyfriend, 23 year old Liu left home, without hearing a word about this. Parents struggled for years, but failed to apply to court for the declaration of their daughter’s death. 10 years later, the daughter suddenly came home, after knowing that she had been "dead", she sued to the court and demanded the revocation of the declaration of death. Recently, the Tongzhou court accepted the case. Ms. Liu complained that in 2006, when she lived in Tongzhou, she fell in love with Mr. Lee, a foreign man, and planned to marry Mr. li. Due to concerns about the abduction to the field, and Mr. Li than Ms. Liu in nearly 10 years, Ms. Liu’s parents strongly opposed the marriage. However, Ms. Liu, who was in love, refused to listen to her parents’ advice and insisted on marrying li. To this end, Liu repeatedly quarrel with their parents, and a fierce conflict, young Liu angrily ran away. Just half a month away from home, Ms. Liu also contacted with her family, and later contacted less. Finally, Ms. Liu simply did not contact with her parents. After losing contact with her daughter, Ms. Liu’s parents were worried, looking around, but still no result. Helpless, in October 2012, Ms. Liu’s parents reported to the police, the police looking for several days failed. In 2014, Liu’s father applied to court for the declaration of his daughter’s death. After the court looking for Ms. Liu unsuccessful, made a verdict of the death of Ms. liu. However, with the passage of time, Ms. Liu and Li feelings slowly faded, the two people eventually failed to come together. Liu, who was unable to restrain her homesickness, chose to go home this year. However, after arriving home, Liu learned that she had been declared dead, and her life was extremely inconvenient. Therefore, Ms. Liu applied to the court for revocation of the declaration of death.

父母阻挠恋情女子出走10年 归家发现被宣告死亡   原标题:女子出走被宣告死亡归家诉撤销   北京晨报讯(记者 黄晓宇)因父母阻止与年长自己近10岁的男友结婚,时年23岁的刘女士愤而离家出走,从此杳无音讯。父母苦苦寻找多年未果,无奈向法院申请宣告了女儿死亡。10年后女儿突然回家,在得知自己已“被”死亡后,起诉至法院要求撤销死亡宣告。近日,通州法院受理了这起案件。   原告刘女士诉称,2006年,家住通州的她与外地男子李先生相恋,并且打算与李先生结婚。由于担心其被拐到外地,加之李先生比刘女士大近10岁,刘女士的父母强烈反对这门婚事。然而沉浸在爱情里的刘女士听不进父母的劝告,执意要与李先生结婚。   为此,刘女士多次与父母争吵,并发生了激烈的冲突,年轻气盛的刘女士愤然离家出走。刚离家的半个月,刘女士还与家人联系,后来联系变少,最后刘女士干脆不与父母联系。与女儿失去联系后,刘女士的父母着急万分,四处寻找,但仍无结果。无奈之下,2012年10月刘女士的父母报了警,警方寻找多日未果。眼见找回女儿的希望渺茫,2014年刘女士的父亲到法院申请宣告女儿死亡。法院经公告寻找刘女士未果后,作出了宣告刘女士死亡的判决。   然而,随着时间的推移,刘女士与李先生感情慢慢淡了下来,二人最终未能走到一起。抑制不住思乡之情的刘女士选择了在今年回家。然而,到家后刘女士才得知自己已被宣告死亡,生活极其不便。于是,刘女士向法院申请撤销对其的死亡宣告。相关的主题文章: