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Philippines Foreign Minister: the president for diplomatic independence, because the United States since the disappointing performance since Walter three months ago came to power, tested the future of Philippine us alliance. Oriental IC data map of Philippines foreign minister Yasai October 6th to the president Duthel Te’s foreign policy that President Duthel Te said that the reason to fight foreign independence, since Philippines from American colonial rule after decades, "the performance of the United States to disappoint us". He stressed that Philippines will take the independent diplomatic route, do not pawn the interests of the United states. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on October 7th, a statement from the Ministry of foreign affairs of Philippines Yasai released in October 6th, he said in a statement: "the United States to contain our invisible shackles, so that we continue to rely on and follow them, we like the Brown brothers (United States of Philippines indigenous people call the colonial period), cannot obtain the real independence and freedom…… We must get rid of the shackles of dependence, in order to effectively deal with security threats at home and abroad, so as to make our country not to the interests of the United States for the first in every matter." Yasai said that Philippines will make contact with the United States from the past in the wrong lessons, and establish a more extensive contact with other countries Chinese. He also stressed that never allow any country to bully, don’t let them take the carrot and stick (and we are dealing with threats and inducements)". Philippines has maintained a close alliance with the United States since its independence from colonial rule in 1946. The two countries signed a defense agreement, such as the 1951 "mutual defense treaty", in 1998 the "visiting Forces Agreement" for the annual joint military drill in 2014 to pave the way for "strengthening defense cooperation agreement" to increase in U.S. military bases in the Philippines in the wheel, and for fuel and armament in Philippine military bases. But since Walter three months ago came to power, tested the future of Philippine us alliance. Duthel Te indicated in a speech last month, Philippines will implement the independent foreign policy, not to lead the United states. Before him in this week’s U.S. annual joint military drill start, it would be the last time between the Philippine US military exercises". He also announced the termination of the joint military patrols in the South China Sea, the U.S. special forces to withdraw from southern Philippines, and said he intends to turn to China and Russia to buy weapons, etc.. He revealed the United States and the United States and China, expressed the desire to strengthen relations with china. Yasai said in a statement at the end, American leaders and decision makers to consider is whether they are willing to change the route to meet the geopolitical reality? Whether the value Philippine special friendship and be strengthened? Or choose to ignore the voice of the Philippines and continue to interfere in the so-called human rights issues? The United States has not yet responded Yasai statement, but in the face of unfriendly remarks Duthel Te one after another, the U.S. embassy spokesman Coase seenan (Molly Koscina) 4 said, the United States still regards Philippines as an important ally, the relationship between the two sides is durable and important. Reported that Duthel Te has repeatedly dished out the "stunning" speech, so that members of the cabinet at a loss. According to Duthel Te threatened to terminate the Philippine US joint military drill, the Philippine foreign secretary of defense Loren Za Na argued that Duthel Te could not fully grasp the Philippine US military agreement.相关的主题文章: