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It seems that humans are not the only ones who like to kiss and cuddle and show just how much they love each other. Prairie dogs like to do that too. And according to a study they do it even more when being watched. That sounds interesting, isn’t it? It is a known fact that prairie dogs are very sociable rodents and like to kiss and cuddle each other, especially when there is someone around. And believe it or not, the way they do it is very similar to humans. They usually touch their lips together and sometimes even their tongues touch. And after they kiss, they either continue to cuddle or start playing with one another. A study has also showed that when there is audience, actually when the audience is bigger they like to really show off their affection for one another. Unbelievable isn’t’ it? In my opinion they are one of the most adorable creatures! Check out this romantic moment between two prairie dogs. They are in love 🙂 And yes, now we know for a fact that prairie dogs love to kiss and cuddle, but that’s not all folks. Read on for some more fun facts about these adorable creatures! Fun facts about prairie dogs: 1. Even though they are called prairie dogs, they are actually belong to the group of rodents. But the reason they are called dogs is because their warning call sounds like a dog bark. 2. They reach a length of about 15 inches and weigh between 2 and 4 pounds. 3. Their food usually consists of roots, grass, and other plants. 4. What is interesting to know is that these creatures recognize each other by touching their front teeth together. Weird, hah? 5. And when danger comes, they usually let out a very special sound that actually sounds like a dog bark. Among their enemies are hawks, eagles, coyotes, and snakes. 6. Another fun fact is that they can outlast a camel in a desert. And why is that? Well, because they can live off their body fat without eating and drinking up to believe it or not 60 days! 7. And what is sad that sometimes they like to go near a lake… and they aren’t great swimmers so when they go in they usually drown. 8. These creatures are active during the day. However, they are only active if the sun is out. And they usually go out in groups. Each groups consists of one male and four to five females. By About the Author: Hey, guys! I’m Emilija, the blogger who helps you keep up with the latest happenings in the world of entertainment. Be it a funny video, picture, or meme in the viral-logy section, I’m here to blog about the most trending topics at the moment. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Pets 相关的主题文章: