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Business Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Sometimes this time away from work can be extended and it may be necessary to seek retraining in order to re-enter the workforce. If you are a nurse who has been away from the clinical setting for an extended period of time and you are ready to re-enter the profession that you love, PHES can help. You can take a nurse refresher course from PHES that will train you in any new technologies or treatments that were introduced in the medical industry during your absence. This gives you renewed confidence in your abilities as a nurse and ensures that you are ready to re-enter your career. PHES is a Houston nursing school that offers a number of refresher courses for nurses. We can ensure that you have the education that you need to confidently re-enter your field. We offer board approved courses that are taught by licensed Registered Nurses. We will provide you with the additional training that will re-acquaint you with your profession or provide you with education that will enable you to further your career. Being a nurse is rewarding but it can often be difficult as well, particularly if you are unprepared to provide your patients with the most quality care. We will ensure that you receive the training needed to care for your patients on every level. Our RN refresher course will enable you to know exactly how to treat your patients using any new methods or equipment that was introduced during your absence. You will receive a renewed level of .fort in the clinical environment and be able to join your colleagues in the career that you are passionate about. We will help you to refresh your skills and learn new skills that will help you when caring for your patients. PHES was founded by two registered nurses who have more than 25 years of .bined experience in the critical care, administration, medical and surgical nursing and educational fields. A refresher course from PHES will give you an overview of the nursing process as well as education on new medications and administration, nursing ethics, physical assessment and other nursing topics. We can help you to once again join the medical industry as a professional nurse. Feel free to browse the remainder of our website to learn more about our nurse refresher courses or contact us directly at PHES today for more information. About the Author: Need an RN refresher course, a nurse refresher course, a good nursing school in Houston and immunizations in Houston? You can find it all in one place at Professional Healthcare Education Service (PHES), Inc. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: