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Pro independence groups to send in the United Nations "Taiwan returned to the original letter of the United Nations" to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was returned into the letter. (reporter Chen Yufu photo) original title: "Taiwan independence" group was submitted to the Taiwan into the United Nations return the original letter three weeks ago, the "Taiwan independence" groups "in Taiwan for the United Nations" urged the Taiwan authorities to join the United Nations in the name of Taiwan, the new membership, and sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon conveyed the Taiwan public opinion". 30, the results came out, not surprisingly, the letter was returned, the other did not even see. According to Taiwan’s "free times" reported on 30, "Taiwan for the United Nations’ three weeks ago to send double registered letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Taiwan wants to join the United Nations to reflect public opinion, but the letters are not opened by the UN intact return. In this regard, the chairman of the organization, said Cai Mingxian, never give up, will continue to push the united. Cai Mingxian said that the United Nations is about to see "Taiwan" on the back of a letter, and in 2007 a former president Chen Shuibian to the United Nations for the same return letter. Cai Mingxian said, since the letter in the past, at least take a look at Taiwan’s demands, but if you do not agree, to reply about justification, or to join the United Nations to do what kind of treatment, the results did not even look, is not respect the principle of human rights in Taiwan and the United Nations Universal public opinion. "Taiwan into the union propaganda group deputy head" Congkai said, although even received are not willing to, or will mobilize more people to write to Ban Ki-moon to express Taiwan into the union, the United Nations should follow the requirements of the Palestinian mode for Taiwan to become a United Nations observer. It is reported that the "Taiwan United Nations Association was founded in October 2003, the green color is deep, its purpose is to" promote the Taiwan state to join the United Nations, the international community to become a normal country name". Since the establishment of the organization, every year in September to launch the "Taiwan join the United Nations Mission propaganda activities in the United states. This shift has not pro independence groups? From 1993 to 2007 more than and 10 years, Li Denghui, the Chen Shuibian administration has for the implementation of the "Taiwan independence" and promoting participation in the United Nations "and" join the UN "activities, Chen even in 2008 the so-called" referendum ", finally ended in defeat. In September 14th, the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said, "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces to make the United Nations, thereby provoking a China policy generally followed the international community is unlikely to succeed.相关的主题文章: