Professional gaming in the University in addition to playing games and learn what-nvidia geforce gt 740m

Professional gaming in the University: in addition to playing games and learn what? At the beginning of September this year, the Ministry of education "electronic athletics and professional management" into the "Ordinary College of Higher Occupation Education (College) professional directory" sports "". Prior to August, Inner Mongolia Xilingol Vocational College took the lead in the creation of "eSports class"; at the end of September, the Hunan College of Sports announced that it will open the professional gaming in 2017. A gaming time training has aroused heated debate, the voice of the industry is very consistent, that in the background of establishing professional talent shortage is necessary. However, in what form to whom to teach, it becomes a new problem. "Professional gaming is not a ‘let you play games" platform "in the era of change. Compared to 5 years ago, I also asked the "professional gaming is not playing the game of students and parents have much less, but I will consult the future of this sport, and how to connect with the academic occupation." Director of the Xi’an Physical Education University network management center office Wu Hao said, mentioned gaming, people’s reaction is certainly "hero alliance" "StarCraft" and other games, in fact based electronic sports is the development of the game analysis, event organization and propaganda IP marketing, lack of talent in this area that universities need to train. Xi’an Physical Education University is the first in the country to open a special course of electronic sports as the name of the undergraduate institutions, from 2010 onwards, the training of the 3 college students in this direction, and later due to the special adjustment of the curriculum adjustment. Now with higher vocational colleges "E-sports and management professional open, Xi’an Institute is planning to apply for undergraduate professional gaming has become. Gaming in special sports training department, as well as traditional table tennis, basketball, schools regard it as a kind of sports talents." When it comes to the 3 session of the training of about 70 college graduates, Wu Hao referred to the students decided to rise and fall of the professional, but also the biggest concern when the school opened a special. Deputy director of the Xi’an Institute of network management center Wei Juanli told reporters, because the school sports training department is mostly especiallyrecruits students, many people are interested in electronic games, think it gives them an excuse to play the game. "A lot of students came in and found that it wasn’t exactly what they thought. Like a lot of sports, E-sports also includes the ‘pre screen’ and ‘behind the scenes’, which involves many disciplines, such as the media, markets, technology, not every student can master." Wei Juanli said. "Now the higher vocational colleges to open this profession, the problems faced and we are the same. This level of students may be hands-on, but there is often a lack of cultural classes. To this group as the main object of enrollment, students must change the thought of professional gaming misunderstanding is to play the game, let them know the talent points to a complete industry." Wu Hao said, "if you want to be the tip of the Pyramid gaming players, so the training camp is perhaps better suited than the platform." The gaming mouse "is not necessarily" gaming experts "some time ago, Xilingol Vocational College admissions gaming class lead users crowd, especially the" electronic athletics history "" what is the electronic athletics "course attracted many tucao". In fact, look at the Xi’an Institute of physical education 6 years ago that the course, which also has ".相关的主题文章: