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PS to create a "rub the skin muscle exfoliating can lead: since the PS, our life is like to see hope, no matter how with a skin condition, on the realization of" rub the skin muscle". My skin only oneself know, don’t want to fool myself to get reality version of "dermabrasion"! (source: OnlyLady woman Zhi) Britney Spears Spears before and after grinding the skin, not only the color of the skin, the body’s skin is very tender and smooth Britney. Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz immediately after the return to the young state of the skin, the skin wrinkles disappear altogether. Madonna Madonna, from 50 years old to reverse the growth of the age of 18, he will be surprised to see it! Jessica Alba Alba Jessica just through the skin, the whole skin is bright, and the smell of hormones. Return to reality, "grinding skin muscle" is only used to do "according to deceive", really have a smooth skin is the pursuit of our life ah! Dermabrasion muscle skills: get Exfoliating Gel STEP 1: first water wet fingers, but face to keep dry, this small action will make the situation is completely different! STEP 2: a large grain of beans in the fingertips extrusion exfoliating gel. STEP 3: with the other fingers to rub off, need some friction Exfoliating Gel, the effect will be better. Began to circle the way the Exfoliating Gel respectively on cheeks, chin, nose and upper lip and forehead STEP 4: begin to circle the way the Exfoliating Gel respectively on cheeks, chin, nose and upper lip and forehead. Continue to play in these areas, at least 60 seconds to maintain, the need for more friction, depending on your mood, within 3 minutes can be. This step if the face is too dry, you can add a little water in hand, to enhance the lubrication. STEP 5: the fingers, palms began playing circle massage face in these parts, 20 seconds. Water with both hands, rub down the skin clean STEP 6: water with both hands, rub down the skin clean. STEP 7: finally, you love the Cleansing Cream do deep cleaning, the residue in the face and the pores of the Exfoliating Gel are all washed away. "You need to wear a skin muscle": Julie Julie Kou Kou clean exfoliating cream cleansing exfoliating cream 100ml480 yuan gently remove the old waste horny, dirt and excess oil adsorbed in the pores, make skin fresh, shiny. Edith house berry cleansing Exfoliating Gel Edith house berry cleansing AHA acid composition containing bilberry fruit rich Exfoliating Gel 120ml98 yuan, helps to soften the skin, effectively remove the accumulation of keratin, a clear skin. Laneige Clarifying Cleansing Cream multi effect multi effect skin cleansing cream Laneige 1.相关的主题文章: