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Public bicycle service   wisdom is upgraded (read) – Society – Hangzhou: mobile phone will be able to sweep the car since its launch in May 2008, the Hangzhou public bicycle rental total amount of up to 655 million people, the average rent amount exceeded 310 thousand passengers, free use rate is as high as 96%. Hangzhou bicycle parking query function, has recently been in the mobile phone WeChat city service column on-line. As long as the find public bicycle parking window, in accordance with the prompts to enter the card number, user name, phone number and SMS verification code, bound card number, you can query the surrounding public bicycle service point information. At the same time, the surrounding 500 meters within the scope of all public bicycle rental point parking spaces, but also at a glance. The use of "Internet plus" thinking, Hangzhou public bike has also embarked on the "wisdom of leasing" mode. With the completion of the transformation of West Lake scenic spots along the perimeter of 100 points before the end of August, Hangzhou formally in 100 at the service point on the launch of the scan code function of car. Do not do card, Alipay will be able to sweep the car, which would greatly facilitate the visitors to the Hangzhou tourism. The layout is not reasonable, there will be some local car did not borrow, some places can not borrow the car." Public bicycle service in Hangzhou city development limited company general manager Tao Xuejun said, in the city of Hangzhou public bicycle sites to take full account of the flow density of the residents, and formed a city management office to take the lead, the district government, Construction Committee, bus group, all relevant units to participate in the Hangzhou public bicycle transportation system construction and management coordination group, field site selection, to solicit the views of residents, and ultimately determine the position. At present, Hangzhou has a public bicycle service point 3582, 84 thousand and 100 vehicles, service points across Hangzhou has formed a high streets and back lanes, dense network. Beijing: APP can check the real-time information of the vehicle according to the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Authority rental office director Jiao Tongmin introduced, as of August 2016, Beijing city has built more than 2000 outlets, 68 thousand scale public bicycle service system, a total of more than 70 Zhang card, on the turnover rate for each car 5 times, initially played a metro bus last mile trip connection and promote green travel function. Car rental fees to take the free + low charge timing billing mode, the public holding a car rental car, riding the first hour free of charge, more than 1 hours per charge of $1, the maximum daily charge of not more than 10 yuan. Jiao Tongmin pointed out that the existing Beijing city public bicycle use problems, one is the construction of the scale is insufficient, track traffic along the lack of coverage, rental outlets still can not form an effective cohesion; two is the operation and service level should be improved, has operated from 15 district public traffic, vehicle scheduling, maintenance, technical the public hotline and other aspects of the service level is uneven. Jiao Tongmin said, the next step, Beijing will continue to increase the number of public bike scale, and strengthen the operation management, to strengthen the focus on the rent, no position can also work site car vehicle scheduling, the site administrator set the scene to help the city)相关的主题文章: