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Qin Shuo Hui interpretation of management philosophy: Super execution + Super cost control — real estate — people.com.cn business is a big stage, but different and general drama is no pre-determined commercial drama script, there is no fixed supporting characters. Everything is changing, everything is uncertain. In Chinese real estate arena, the number one hero is from the Wanbao dispute in Vanke and delisting from Hongkong back to A Wanda, Hengda steering (3333.HK). Hengda first Vanke, won 6.82% of the shares, and then, to the end of the three quarter, Hengda sales scale, total assets, operating income, cash balances and other indicators exceeded Vanke, Vanke is estimated to be difficult to overtake. This is Vanke on top ten years for the first time the king to abdicate, and could mean the end of an era; October 3rd, Hengda announcement will be restructured, the real estate business into shenshenfang (000029.SZ), shenshenfang A through the issuance of shares and payment of cash or the payment of the price. Such a move can be completed smoothly, the constant will depend on the valuation of A shares at a premium to enjoy more capital bonus, long-term future approach. I have written a lot of articles about Vanke and Wang Shi, but did not study the hengda. Frankly, I am impressed by the larger international investment bank Hengda impression. Since Hengda listed so far, the international investment bank on its evaluation is far behind the Chinese overseas and China Vanke, Longhu company, that Hengda diversification risk, debt rate is high, which also led Hengda U.S. dollar bonds issued by higher interest rates. But in the voices of doubt, Hengda constant and do not fall, but stronger, more than 170000 adventures, the late establishment of 12 years, 18 years and finally at night more than 170000, business for 20 years among the world’s top 500, which will be summed up. National Day holiday, I saw the recent financial results of Evergrande, interviewed a number of developers and agents, there are some research experience, in this industry exchanges. Go to the "adventure" behind the courage of entrepreneurs is the main international investment bank Hengda high debt rate increased the financial risk. But the industry also has a lot of people say that Xu Jiayin "games will win". Hengda is a feature of the scale can continue to maintain rapid growth. From 2009 to 2015, the average annual sales growth of more than 30% Hengda, even more than 50% in the past two years. From 100 billion yuan to the size of the sales of 200 billion, Vanke spent a period of four years, while Hengda only two years. Why Hengda so abundant? According to my research, which is in the history of the debt in exchange for, dare debt, debt into a place, and in the past 20 years is the highest degree of appreciation of the largest class of assets. Real estate is based on land as the raw material industry, to the land, and the land of the crown Hengda Hengda Industry, currently has 167 million square meters of reserves. Where do you come from? Bought a. Xu Jiayin 1996 is almost bare-handed to conquer the world, a state-owned enterprises no blood, no powerful background, must use the power of capital. According to historical data, before 2004, Hengda land reserves of less than 6 million square meters, after the start of the expansion in the country to take, to Hongkong in March 2008 for the first time disclosed in the prospectus, the land reserve has reached 45 million 780 thousand square)相关的主题文章: