Reasons Why People Dont Visit Your Web

Traffic-Building Sometimes we wonder why is it our .petitors’ websites boasts of so many visits per day and wonder what am I doing wrong? These might be a few things. Your content might not be Original. Giving visitors information that is original that could not be found any where else is vital. Make your site is an authority on whatever you offer and people will constantly visit it. Not only should the content be original and factual it must also be current and up to date. New Articles, Stories and Press releases related to your site will also make people interested in visiting your website. Offering a free e-zine is also a good idea, people would appreciate free information being e-mailed to them about stuff they are interested in. Do you offer free software? If you don’t this could be doing your website a great injustice. Every body like to find good deals on software for their .puters. If the price is right (free), that’s even better. Having a free article directory will bring tons of visitors to your site, if you don’t have a directory it is a good idea to get one. A Directory to consider should be an Article Directory for people to submit article, not only would this improve visitors but it would also increase the content on your website and the search engines love new fresh. A Url Directory is also a good option this is a directory where other site owners can advertise there website, this gives additional value to your visitors. People will continue to visit because they can find everything that they’re looking for, all in one place. Offering free samples of your product or service will make visitors more likely to check out you website, if you don’t offer a free sample this will defiantly cause you to receive less visitors than you should be getting. Once you show people that the confidence you have in your product or service is so high that you are willing to give an away free samples people would trust you and would be more inclined to buy. Is your website consistent in the information that it gives, if not you should maintain the consistency of your website. You don’t want unrelated things that does not relate to the theme of your website. You also want to make your web site ready for the public. People are not very trusting to online businesses so in order to build trust you should have a page that has information about the owner of the site, an About Us" page with name, phone number, address, money back guarantee etc and clear descriptions of what actions you want your visitors to take when purchasing items. Do you have a payment plan for your products? You should keep your offers flexible, if you offer a set price you might be loosing customer who can’t afford that one flat payment but if you offer a payment plan you might get interested person who otherwise would not have been able to afford it. Most business both online and offline offer payment plans for this very same reason and you should too. If you find yourself guilty of any of the above you should take the re.mended action. You would see unbelievable results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: