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Red Star over China | China should actively participate in ICANN, to enhance the international discourse! – Sohu technology at the ICANN meeting, need more patience, endurance, is a heavy manual work! Today is the sixth day of the ICANN meeting, the meeting is coming to an end tomorrow, all kinds of discussions are slowly beginning to result, so do not dare to relax. Some people ask, what is ICANN? This is really a problem. It is a long story, sometimes difficult to do. Some experts believe that: ICANN set up in the United States, California, must follow the laws of the United States and California, the United States must implement the instructions of the government. There’s no doubt about that. My point is that following the law and implementing the government’s orders are different, just as everyone follows the Chinese law, but not the government. The government advisory committee in ICANN is relatively marginalized, it is equivalent to the masses of the people have the power of political participation, political participation provides a stage for governments around the world. After all, the government is a huge and important organization. ICANN both awe and vigilance, cautious and firm heart. After all, most of the ICANN to prevent and resist the forces that governments, whether the government or the government of the United States Chinese. The last thing ICANN wants is to have a down command, and the government doesn’t play it. ICANN this bottom-up model, very subtle, future potential and influence immeasurable. Of course, we are not simply imagine a lot of scenes, or full of American Government Conspiracy (influence how the U.S. government to a greater extent is inevitable, which includes Chinese, governments should also consider), and indeed is a new game mode, worthy of our in-depth study of calm. Of course, more importantly, there is no doubt that China should be active, comprehensive and in-depth participation! · END · WeChat takes the observation number:相关的主题文章: