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Renhe pharmaceutical termination set by the program crashed out of Internet business capital operation hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger on the trend of guiding team you earn you can make you my newspaper reporter Zhu Ping Beijing reported reading "Internet plus" next to you, active layout of traditional medicine enterprises, but because of the development of the great uncertainty of the capital market, do not buy it. In September 12th, Renhe pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd (000650.SZ) announced that 2016 will be held in September 23rd second extraordinary general meeting "on the termination of the company’s 2015 annual non-public offering of stock items and withdraw the application documents bill". Renhe pharmaceutical announced in September last year, the first time set by the program, which was the investors questioned, the stock also will fluctuate, concerns about the Internet business and burn project financing is too large a drag on performance. Since then, Renhe pharmaceutical after modification of the equity investment projects, the final plan to raise funds than the tentative plan to shrink by 60%. The reason for the termination of the project, Renhe pharmaceutical explained that this is the current capital market overall financing environment, regulatory requirements and business development planning and other factors. It is worth noting that, in September 8th, Renhe pharmaceutical also announced plans to transfer the wholly owned subsidiary of Klc Holdings Ltd (hereinafter referred to as medicine Chinese medicine Chinese medicine investment) Notice, said that because of its development strategy and development mode can not meet the requirements of the development of listed companies, the profit level is not effective and significantly improved. However, Renhe pharmaceutical released data show that Chinese medicine investment in 2015 net loss of 20 million 784 thousand and 800 yuan, the first half of 2016 profit 1 million 398 thousand and 400 yuan. Some do not want to be named, insiders pointed out that due to the Internet through the operation of the capital investment projects temporarily dead, Renhe medicine need to use its own funds to support the sale of Chinese medicine is prepared to do or investment funds. Internet medicine Renhe pharmaceutical as a key strategic development plan, after twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter repeatedly on the fund-raising plan, Renhe Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Yang Wenlong to interview and planning issues such as the development of medical Internet, but the other have declined for various reasons. Set by the plan wave of multi fold in September 8th, Renhe pharmaceutical announced the termination of a year ago is put forward after several modifications of the set by the program. In September 12, 2015, the three month suspension of Renhe pharmaceutical dished out the non-public offering of A shares plan, intends to issue not more than 312 million shares, raising a total of not more than 3 billion 900 million yuan, the acquisition of Tonghua Sheng 51% shares, 60% stake 6 jingle pharmaceutical project. However, since the release set by the program after it was Renhe pharmaceutical investors questioned, concerns about the Internet business and burn project financing big drag on performance, its shares are consecutive limit. A month later, Renhe pharmaceutical said considering the company’s actual situation and the capital market changes set by the program, and announced the price by 1 on the issue in October 19, 2015相关的主题文章: