Rub the red carpet too out, look at what really big at the festival! – Sohu tinyos

Rub the red carpet too OUT, look at what really big at the festival! – with the opening of the Venice International Film Festival, one of the three International Film Festival, the world’s fans are also about to enter the Venice time. Along with the Toronto Film Festival will be opened, the early autumn were a little busy! This year’s Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival are not as easy as you think. Why? Because this year, the two film festival judges have joined the Chinese actress! Tell you, the female star is out of fashion now rub the red carpet, is really big has played the jury! Yes, the two really big is Zhao Wei and Zhang Ziyi, four artistes suddenly came out of the two day, you said you don’t expect to beat period of this year’s festival are! Zhao Wei for the first time as the Venice Film Festival as a member of the jury, and Zhang Ziyi will be the first to serve as the judges of the Toronto film festival. Today we are going on the International Film Festival of those things! Zhao Wei is the first judge of the International Film Festival, Venice Film Festival is the world’s first international film festival. The father of the international film festival". Founded in August 6, 1932 in Italy, Venice, the main purpose is to improve the level of film art. The 2016 Venice Film Festival will begin in Beijing on August 31st to September 10th! Today, the seventy-third Venice Film Festival has opened the curtain! Zhao Wei as an actress, the production of the general class, B—U—T! As long as Zhao Wei appeared in the movie almost all were chosen to participate in the world greatly small film festivals or screenings, the arrogance of beat you said you wear against! Recently, the Venice Film Festival announced the list of the main competition unit judges, Zhao Wei surprise appeared in the list, which is the only one of the judges only Asian faces. She will be with Sam Mendes and the chairman of the judges, British actor Gemma Arterton and other 9 members of the jury elected at the Venice Golden Lion, Silver Lion Award all major awards. This is the first time for International Film Festival jury, gratifying! In 2014, Zhao Wei has been at the Venice Film Festival made an appearance at the time, Peter Chan with "dear" held a premiere at the Venice Film Festival, has attracted many domestic and foreign visitors watch. One of the judges at the time of Joan Chen in the films not only emotional tears, also affirmed the Zhao Wei said, very natural. South Korean director Kim Ki-duk said that the film was moving in the name of the actress also praised the performance, said the acting is very good. The invitation to Zhao Wei as the Venice Film Festival is precisely because of the influence of Zhao Wei in the international arena and superb acting. This year’s Venice Film Festival some dim starlight, do not know there is a "international Wei this year’s blessing, will be different, today, let us wait and see, and this is also the" new storm "after the first public appearance, you can say that you do not expect! Koko. Zhang Ziyi 2016 Toronto Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto International Film Festival) is one of the important film festivals in North america. September each year.相关的主题文章: