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Samsung Z2 mobile phone released   equipped with its own third generation Tizen system — communication channel — original title: Samsung Z2 released a mobile phone equipped with its own third generation Tizen system according to foreign media reported on August 23rd, Samsung has recently released a new entry-level model Z2, this product is equipped with a self third generation Tizen system, support 4G LTE network, only $68 (about 452 yuan). Samsung Z2 is the first to support 4G Tizen mobile phone system, with 3.97 inch screen, equipped with 1.5GHz quad core processor, built-in 1GB RAM+8GB ROM storage combination (expandable to 128GB), front VGA+ rear 5 million pixel camera, equipped with a 1500mAh battery, running Tizen 2.4 operating system and out of the box. But it should be noted that, as before the Tizen system phone, Z2 currently only plans to sell in the India market, the sale time is August 29th, the price is only 4590 rupees (about RMB 452). Vice president of Samsung’s mobile business market in India (Manu Sharma) Ginobili? Sharma explained: "Samsung Z2 will bring consumers a more fast and cheap mobile Internet experience, it will make use of 4G in India popular." Tizen system is now only a small number of products in the field of smart phones. Z1 in early 2016 had been on sale in the India market, its sales will reach 1 million units, Z2 is the Samsung Corp’s third generation Tizen system phone, and Z3 is also said to be released in the next 9 months. Recent reports have shown that Tizen ultimate is developing. Mihai, vice president of Samsung’s emerging platform Pohontu (Mihai) said in an interview, the company will expand the Tizen market in the new system of mobile phones, but Android is still the choice of high-end equipment. "Tizen is becoming more and more important to us," he said. "It’s a way to sell smartphones at a very low cost in emerging markets. In addition, Tizen also supports our TV, wearable devices and networking. Tizen is a great operating system, we attach great importance to it." Tizen has now been able to support 4G LTE network, as far as it can go and how much it can support Samsung’s ambitions, only time to test. (internship compilation: Guo Siyi reviewer: Li Zongze (Yang Bo), commissioning editor: Zhang Ge)相关的主题文章: