Scholars the biggest danger is that high prices hinder China’s population migration – Sohu reading

Scholars: the biggest danger is that the high prices hinder China’s migration – Sohu reading Beijing Shanghai house prices are still rising. More than one hundred thousand yuan of real estate everywhere, Yanjiao and Langfang are also entering the thirty thousand mark. It is said that high housing prices are eroding the real economy; it was said that high housing prices to encourage speculation; some people say that high prices for those who are born late and late employment unfair. Su Dong, a famous finance and economics scholar, said in his book "the truth of real estate" that the biggest harm of high housing prices is to hinder the migration of Chinese population. When it comes to China’s population migration, it is necessary to explain the factors that hinder the migration. Today, the high prices have become a target for all social circles. The public complained that high prices for the people living in dire straits, the people’s livelihood can not solve the problem. Reported that in a year’s two sessions, there are 50% CPPCC members and deputies of the proposal, said the price problem. But at the same time, some people think that high prices is a good thing, it allows people to hold assets. They also stressed that compared to the complainants, these beneficiaries because there is no dissatisfaction, so the desire to speak is not high, so public opinion shows that we are accused of high prices. The hidden meaning of these words is obvious: most still like the high price of silence. Here leads to a new problem: high prices in the end is good or bad? Or we can also further said, is not the good side of high prices? As some artificially high prices of Defense said, high prices are not completely still have some Nothing is right., positive effect. As they say, high prices, so that people holding property appreciation. In particular, the experts also cited a data. Said that 85% of the population in China is a family of housing, and the high price of housing can immediately make these families have a lot of money. According to 85% figures, it seems that the beneficiaries should occupy the majority. In the continued rise in prices, a lot of people unknowingly became millionaires. This wealth effect is enough to make many people fascinated. Is that so? Although there are a lot of people questioned 85% of China’s population is the source of this figure, but I still believe that this figure is likely to be accurate. However, this does not mean that these people will benefit from rising prices. In fact, the vast majority of the 85% people have only in rural housing. According to China’s existing laws and regulations, the sale of these houses is very difficult, it is likely to sell is not recognized and protected. And the vast majority of these places are quite remote, almost no appreciation of the housing space. In other words, these people simply can not enjoy the benefits of rising prices. Real high prices in only those who benefit from the high prices of the city has more than a large set of housing units or groups of people, the distribution of these people in the country, is still a minority. More importantly, according to the plan and people’s expectations, in the future there will be a large number of rural migrants to the city. In this way, these stay in rural housing is also meaningful? There’s no point in it. In addition to the benefits of these on the table.相关的主题文章: